Saturday, August 30, 2014

Career Opportunity: Junior Programmer

update 10 September 2014: Terima kasih, posisi ini sudah terisi.

WANTED by (grup If you are a fresh graduate, you have the opportunity to join a growing IT company, based in Jakarta

Please apply if you meet the following:

Good Attitudes (Sikap yg Baik):
- Honest (Jujur)
- Able to work in a Team (Kerja Tim)
- Solution Oriented (Berpikir Solusi)
- Hard Worker (Pekerja Keras)

Smart Skills:
- Web Based App
- LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
- Database
- Scripting

- 18-25 tahun
- Wanita, Pria
- Jika Skill di atas tidak lengkap tapi memiliki basic IT yang kuat dan mau belajar juga boleh

Email your CV to

Kind Regards,
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Video Polisi Dorong Mobil Warga yang Mogok Heboh di Media Sosial

YoutubeSeorang polisi tengah mendorong mobil mogok di tengah kemacetan di kawasan Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan.

JAKARTA, — Sebuah video aksi polisi "baik" ramai diperbincangkan di media sosial. Video berdurasi 1 menit 41 detik itu memperlihatkan seorang anggota polisi yang tengah

mendorong mobil yang mogok di tengah kemacetan di kawasan Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan.

Video yang diunggah hari ini, Senin (25/8/2014), itu dipublikasikan oleh akun Facebook Indonesia News.

Dalam video itu, dijelaskan bahwa gambar diambil secara diam-diam. Pembuat video mengaku bahwa kamera dikalungkan di leher. Gambar itu diambil saat Idul Fitri 1433 H lalu.

Polisi yang mengenakan seragam lengkap berikut helm, masker, dan kacamata hitam itu tampak berusaha mendorong sebuah mobil sedan milik warga untuk menepi ke pinggir jalan. Sesekali petugas itu meniupkan peluit sambil mengatur kendaraan di sekitarnya dan berbicara di radio panggil.

Setelah berhasil membawa mobil itu ke pinggir, petugas yang mengenakan rompi kuning tersebut langsung membuka kap mesin mobil. Dia terlihat berbicara dengan pemilik mobil.

Video itu mendapat 1.579 ikon like dan di-share oleh 329 orang. Selain di Facebook, video itu juga diunggah ke YouTube. Di YouTube, video itu diunggah oleh Rudi Otomofers dengan judul
"Langka, Dorong Mobil Warga", pada 27 Februari 2013 lalu.

kalo mau beli camera portable spt ini bisa dibeli di 21cctv

Sumber :

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New ZG1232X IP Camera with Back Button Auto Focus Feature

New ZG1232X IP Camera with Back Button Auto Focus Feature

3MP HD Auto Focus IP Camera

LILIN, a leading manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software, announced the launch of the state-of-the-art Day & Night 3-megapixel HD Auto Focus IP camera, ZG1232X, with the Auto Focus button on the back of the camera for users to install the camera easily. The ZG1232X is a high-end 3MP network camera with day/night functions ideally suited for a range of environments such as home, retail, office, hotel, building entrances, and airports. The ZG1232X is also perfect for applications requiring accurate identification of objects and individuals. “One-button clicking” feature to automatically focus the camera from a distant location remotely, eases the process on installation, and SI integrators can save labor cost, time consumption, and effectively position the cameras at the precise focus angle effortlessly.

LILIN ZG1232X model with back-button focus feature is a best-in-class network camera designed for indoor applications. Equipped with a 3MP SONY sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 at a smooth 30FPS frame rate, the ZG1232X is an all-in-one indoor camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video up to 3-megapixel capacity. Featuring WDR enhancement allows users to identify in bright and dark environments. The ZG1232X has built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) form of amplification to produce usable images will make it the ideal choice for most demanding surveillance applications.

This next-generation box type modular design with outstanding auto focus function, ZG1232X, will deliver unprecedented flexibility to end-users with ineradicably efficiencies. Incorporating a number of advanced features standard for LILIN cameras, including alarm, tampering, motion, and face detection, Micro SD/SDHC card slot, 802af compliant PoE, and LILIN’s CMX video management software, the ZG1232X is able to meet your surveillance needs.

For further information, images or to arrange a demonstration, please

Now Released: LILIN 4K Ultra HD Camera – UHG1182

LILIN 4K Ultra High Definition Features an Outstanding 3,840-by-2,160-pixel Picture

As the demand of super resolution in video surveillance is on the rise, 4K is the stepping stone of prevalent 1080P Full HD. LILIN’s new 4K Ultra HD network camera, UHD1182, enhances HD images by providing four times HD picture with beautifully natural detail and astounding saturated colors. 4K Ultra HD video doubles the vertical resolution from 1080P to 2160P vertical lines of resolution. The UHG1182 is also available with ONVIF compliance.

  • Ultra HD 12.0 megapixel CMOS image sensor
  • 4K True H.264 AVC High Profile Video compression
  • H.264 and Motion JPEG multi-profile video streaming
  • 3D noise reduction (MCTF)
  • 2D WDR function
  • Digital PTZ supported
  • Tampering / Audio / Motion detection alarm function
  • Day & Night (IR-cut removable)
  • ONVIF supported
  • RS-485 supported


Allowing even more saturated colors!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ahok di

Ahok, Gubernur DKI Jakarta, berkunjung ke

Ahok, Governor of Jakarta, visited

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

LILIN solutions secure the premises for commercial complex in Vietnam

LILIN solutions secure the premises for commercial complex in Vietnam



Viettel Group is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom operators, the company’s headquarter located in the heart of the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi. With year-on-year revenue doubled during 5 consecutive years between 2005 and 2010, Viettel is in process of expanding its office buildings in Yen Bai Province and Ha Nam Province featured with high-end convention center, commercial center, and branch offices.

The project:
The Viettel complex buildings commenced in December 2012 and new LILIN cameras were added to the monitoring system, reaching a total number of more than 76 pieces installed. In order to monitor the premises spread across 42 square meters of land and situated in 2 different provinces, a highly scalable, reliable, and user friendly wireless surveillance is a must for Viettel. Viettel administration team wanted to prevent things like theft, vandalism, loss of company assets, and unauthorized access on the premises. All of this convinced them to contact Silver Star, an approved distribution partner of LILIN.

The solution:

To maintain stable image quality in poorly lit areas, a total of 60 LR7022 cameras were installed in the halls and elevators, where artificial lighting is available 24 hours a day and can be adjusted to look like natural light using the cameras white balance feature function. Ten LR7022E4 IP-based cameras and IPG1022 bullet cameras were utilized in entrance and lobby areas as the built-in IR Illuminator is perfectly suited for surveillance in such low-light areas. In addition, six high-end IPS2124P Speed Dome Cameras with 12X Zoom were installed in the indoor & outdoor parking lot areas and at the main entrance to give the surveillance team the ability to view the entire 360° panorama of these premises.


The power supply by Power-over-Ethernet under an UPS base provides autonomy in situations like power outage, in which the system remains in operation and the recording continues. LILIN IP cameras through CMX 1108 recorder can even transmit dual streams of video at different resolutions, allowing simultaneous real-time viewing on separate devices—on an onsite administrator’s PC, a smartphone device, central room, etc.

Viettel Group so far is very pleased with the results and expect to continue working with Silver Sea as well as LILIN to deploy the flawless surveillance security system solution until the project completion in 2014.

Products installed:
☑   x60 LR7022E4 cameras @ halls & elevators
☑   x10 IPG1022 bullet cameras & LR7022E4 cameras @ entrance & lobby areas
☑   x6 IPS2124P Speed Dome cameras @ parking lot
☑   CMX 1108 recorder for dual streaming live view and recording

Award Winning Ultra series IP camera – UFG1122

Award Winning Ultra series IP camera – UFG1122

120 frames per second in 1080P high definition IP camera

Unique Technology

LILIN, a leading provider of surveillance solutions, with its strong Research & Development resources, designed UFG1122 with advanced 120FPS unbeatable frame rate capability. UFG1122 model supports 120 high frame rate that ensures quick movements are captured in more details. The 120FPS frame rate allows the footage to be conformed to typical video playback speeds of 30FPS for 4X slow motion with a definite smooth effect.

Take a Look at a New Promo Video For the UFG1122 120FPS Camera :

  • 120FPS in 1080P
  • Full HD 2.0 megapixel MOS image sensor
  • 3D noise reduction (MCTF)
  • 2D WDR function
  • Digital PTZ supported

Superb 120FPS capacity

The UFG1122 can record 1080P footage at 120FPS, and is capable of seize every moment with the ability to capture all detail with crystal-clear resolution outputs. LILIN video surveillance pushes the limits with development of feasible 120FPS camera able to produce superb image quality. The UFG1122 camera was recently recognized with Excellence IP Camera Award at this year’s Secutech Security Expo in Taiwan.

Resulting in smoother motion

Featuring High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode and IR-cut filter, is able to put images together into one shot that brings out details in both the shadows and the highlights. With real-time H.264 and Motion JPEG compression technology, extra smooth video quality with resolution up to 120FPS frame rate at 1080P is secured.

Forest retreat center near Kuala Lumpur secures its future with LILIN IP cams

Forest retreat center near Kuala Lumpur secures its future with IP cams

One of the largest Tibetan Buddhist-based spiritual retreat centers located just an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 2012 and has been undergoing multiple construction phases continuously. The beautiful retreat center is a place for anyone desires to seek spiritual solace and for those who wish to have some time out of their daily city life to rest, relax, and recharge. The retreat center keeps its commitment to providing a safe environment for the practitioners and staff with the support of LILIN security surveillance solution systems.
The center features various facilities and buildings situated in the deep mountains of Malaysia consisting of a stupa, butter lamp houses, chapels, a world peace hall where can accommodate 3,000+ folks, forest walks, an vegetable garden, dormitories, private residence, administrative office, a gift shop, classrooms, meditational halls, cabins for practitioners and/or students. The areas of the center facilities occupy over 25 acres of land in total, and divided into 5 different construction phases. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. Phase III construction was recently successfully completed along with LILIN-based surveillance system installed earlier this year.

LILIN has been supplying the forest retreat center with standalone NVR security systems, IP cameras, and CMX software to a centrally managed integrated IP security system for video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control to ensure the safety of staff, students, and practitioners at the retreat center. The center is planning to install nearly 500 IP cameras for indoor and outdoor areas. Installed IPD2220E 2-megapixel cameras equipped with the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature is able to ensure the identification of persons or objects of interest under high-contrast lighting conditions. Several LR7428X IP66-rated water-proof cameras installed that can resist damage caused by dust and rain, allowing to be operated in outdoor environments. All IP cameras are connected to NVR 109s at operation rooms sending live streaming videos by means of optic fiber cables for total situational awareness via CMX 1072 central video management device. An offsite monitoring center — therefore eliminating the in-ground wires. CMX provides delay-free video image transmission in real-time mode, and it is easy to enable flexible configuration of transmission parameters.
The retreat center is an ongoing project, and LILIN’s responsive and knowledgeable support experts with proficient experience in networking and surveillance fields will be helping the center to provide a quality surveillance technology deployment every step of the way. In addition, LILIN’s surveillance solutions are highly interoperable and future-proof.

LILIN NVR series firmware 1.0.48 are released

LILIN NVR Touch firmware 1.0.48 is now released.

Certified LILIN NVR HDDs

LILIN CMX 3 updated

LILIN CMX Version is now available at

LILIN Viewer Updated in Android and iOS

Our LILINViewer Apps for iOS and Android have been updated on the AppStore.