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LILIN's solution - Hotel Solution

Industry: Hotel LILIN video management system solution provides services for hotel business including daily video surveillance, employee training aide, vehicle traffic control, average daily customer flow, and hotel security system. LILIN, offers a wide range of network based products including HD IP cameras with high compression rate, panorama network cameras, VD022 video decoder, People Counting analytics, integration video delivery tied in with credit card machine and ePOS (electronic point of sales) system, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology, and CMX (central video management software). Other than the products and services mentioned above, the high compression rate provided by LILIN is able to help reducing hard drives required. In addition, Sense Up+ technology is able to be applied at the driveway environments and see color video at night, without the use of infrared illuminator – energy saving as a result. Also, Auto Focus technology will help to save

LILIN HD IP Camera and System Design Courses

Pada hari Rabu tanggal 15 Oktober 2014 bersama Merit Lilin Taiwan sebagai Surveillance Partner dan Westen Digital sebagai Storage partner, mengadakan Partners Gathering di Jakarta. LILIN HD IP Camera and System Design Courses Photo Gallery CLICK HERE to view full photo gallery CLICK HERE to view full photo gallery

Clothing Manufacturer Streamlines Management with LILIN Network Video

Clothing Manufacturer Streamlines Management with LILIN Network Video Background In 2013, installation of a security and CMX was completed at a Vietnamese factory of Yotsuba Dress Co., a manufacturer of textile and dresses in Vietnam and around the world. Yotsuba Dress Co. (Công ty Yotsuba Dretss Việt Nam) is a Vietnam-based premier world ODM manufacturer of clothing products and accessories. LILIN was chosen: Silver Sea, an approved distributor partner of LILIN, announces that the management team of Yotsuba Dress Co. has selected LILIN’s security surveillance system to secure its factory and warehousing facilities in Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. Challenge/Task: The primary task was for the Silver Sea security distributor to develop a solution to protect the Yotsuba warehouse complex, and also to install the video surveillance system at an office building as well as adjacent spaces. With taking into account the needs of the consignment inventory storage; therefor