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Jakarta to Install CCTV at Dumps in New Garbage System

A picture made available on April 30, 2013, shows Indonesian scavengers collecting recyclable plastics at Bantar Gebang garbage dump in Bekasi, West Java on March 29, 2013. (EPA Photo/Mast Irham)  Jakarta.  The city on Wednesday said it would install 210 closed-circuit television cameras at garbage dumps in a bid to better manage waste levels at sites around the capital. “We are building a system to overcome the possibility of increasing garbage volume in Jakarta,” sanitation agency head Saptastri Ediningtyas Kusumadewi said. Many Jakarta residents have poor access to public waste management and burn or dump their own trash. Garbage that the city does manage to collect gets held in over a thousand staging areas before trucks cart it out of the city. These dumps tend to fill up quickly, and the new cameras would help the city decide where to send its trucks first, ensuring that fewer sites exceeded their capacities. Sumber :

Part 6 of 6: Expansion Plan of 21cctv com & Personal Side of Thomas Lie

Transcript of Subtitle (for search engine purpose) Viewers, thank your staying with BIZ BRIEF in this last and interesting segment I will continue my talk about CCTV System Business with Mr. Thomas Lie, as CEO of 21cctv Okay sir, we have talked about the industry, market... now the last one about Expansion 21cctv, where are you going to expand to in about 5 years ahead? Okay sir, according to our Vision to be the-most-complete and the-best in people's heart so because technology is advancing so fast so we want to make sure if there is latest product in the market, 21cctv will always have complete and even we have a complete range so customers can choose those that suit their budget That's right Okay, so means there will be new product addition? That's right, sir If we talk about branches, now there are 3 locations More than that, sir... maybe about 7-8 7-8 okay, Do you think you're going to expand to outside Jakarta? From Top-Level management,

Part 5 of 6: The Market Trend of Surveillance System Business

Transcript of Subtitle (for search engine purpose) We're back at BIZ BRIEF talking about CCTV System Business and my guest is Mr. Thomas Lie as CEO of 21cctv I will continue Okay sir, regarding the brand itself you mentioned one brand, that is LILIN Actually, where is this brand from? I believe one question from home viewers. And also how big is LILIN in its native country? Sure, LILIN or MERIT LILIN which you can see from comes from Taiwan, All the chipsets come from Sony Japan and the best thing from them is that they produce products that are durable so their QC or Quality Control is really great because they do a lot of export to America, Europe so many to overseas In Taiwan itself, they are one of the oldest manufacturer since 1980 they have started CCTV production The oldest? One of the Oldest? Yes, one of the oldest Are there any other brands outside LILIN? So for customers who are not budget suited to LILIN, we have other Taiwanese

Part 4 of 6: Human Resources, Training & Uniqueness of

Transcript of Subtitle (for search engine purpose) For viewers who just join us, you are watching BIZ BRIEF with talk on CCTV System Business I'm William Shu and here with me is Mr. Thomas Lie as CEO of 21cctv Okay sir, regarding Human Resources According to you, what is most importang thing about Human Resources or Human Capital in CCTV industry? Okay sir, with one of our challenges as CCTV players are getting crowded, we prioritise 3 things. First one, We try to improve our Friendliness to our Customers, so first we want to improve our system, how people can feel comfortable getting into our shops, answering the phones. That's most important Second thing, when they serve customers, they need Competence to answer customers' enquiry and the competence itself has to be uniform to the on the field staff such as technicians because it's important for them to install neatly and the third thing is Product Knowledge So for us we do many training for o

Part 3 of 6: Product Innovation and Technology

Transcript of Subtitle (for search engine purpose) Viewers, thank you for watching BIZ BRIEF, we will continue our talk with Mr. Thomas Lie CEO of 21cctv However, before that we will see the following video about the benefit of CCTV Viewers, so that's the video clip regarding the benefit of installing camera surveillance and that particular video showed the theft of motorcycle that was successfully prevented by the local residents Okay, Mr. Thomas Lie if we look at the video, how interesting it showed how surveillance system can be used to prevent the criminal act of motorcycle theft Let's talk about the product itself, Mr. Thomas What are the products that have the latest innovation and the brands, and maybe you explain to home viewers Fine, CCTV itself has 2 technologies One of those that are widely available in Indonesia is what we call Analog CCTV where the picture is not as sharp as another technology we call IP Camera or Network Camera I will sh

Part 2 of 6: The Business of Surveillance Camera (

Transcript of Subtitle (for search engine purpose) Welcome Back to BIZ BRIEF I'm William Shu Talking about CCTV System Business My guest is Mr. Thomas Lie, as CEO of 21cctv As we have talked about the background We will talk about the business itself According to you, now that you are CEO, maybe you started as an employee working in Australia According to you, now that you are sitting as Top Level Management What is the most important thing that a CEO needs to have? In my opinion, one word: Integrity Hmm, Integrity... why is that sir? Because, for me Integrity is doing things that when people do not see you So as an individual, when a person has integrity to their family, staff around them... For example, if we promote a certain product or service... if we offer such specification If we cannot deliver what we promise, that means we do not have Integrity So I think Integrity is very important, even to the family and also for staff, our partners So we don&

Part 1 of 6: Background of & Thomas Lie

Transcript of Subtitle (for search engine purpose) Hello Viewers How are you? Thank you for watching BIZ BRIEF Motivation, Insight and Opportunities for business people My name is William Shu The development of technology makes the benefit of CCTV not just to record incidents in one location, but it can also be monitored from other places Streaming programs enable people to be connected with those they love Before we continue to see the opportunity, let's see the following video clip CCTV System Business The Business of Information Technology develops day by day along with the progress of the age, many products can be produced from using such technology One of such product is Closed Circuit Television or CCTV, which today has been selected by many s one of tools to provide security Based on report, the market of Surveillance Camera alias CCTV experienced a 20% growth in the year 2013 It is believed that this growth of CCTV demand is supported by the dev