Part 5 of 6: The Market Trend of Surveillance System Business

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We're back at BIZ BRIEF
talking about CCTV System Business
and my guest is Mr. Thomas Lie as CEO of 21cctv
I will continue
Okay sir, regarding the brand itself you mentioned
one brand, that is LILIN
Actually, where is this brand from? I believe one
question from home viewers. And also how big is
LILIN in its native country?
Sure, LILIN or MERIT LILIN which you can see from comes from Taiwan, All the chipsets
come from Sony Japan and the best thing from them
is that they produce products that are durable
so their QC or Quality Control is really great
because they do a lot of export to America,
Europe so many to overseas
In Taiwan itself, they are one of the oldest
manufacturer since 1980 they have started
CCTV production
The oldest? One of the Oldest?
Yes, one of the oldest
Are there any other brands outside LILIN?
So for customers who are not budget suited
to LILIN, we have other Taiwanese brands such as
Lynstan, we also have other Chinese products,
another brand is Solid, and many other brands
that we have
So we can cater according to customers' budget?
That's right, we are like all-in-one or
That's right, whatever suits their budget
Oh that's very good, sir
If we look at the industry itself today, you have
mentioned earlier that clonings or competitors in
CCTV industry are crowded
That's right
How do you see this and what's the plan?
Actually, in the beginning we see it like a threat
but over time, the effect to us, it turns out,
it makes us think how are we going to get better
and better. So we see that this industry for
end users eventually benefit because they get
better products and service
But in the end for us, even though there are many
players or competitors, they can act as
complements because Indonesia itself has such a
huge market, Mr. William. With such a big
population, so the cake is still Big
Sharing the cake, is that so?
That's right
Okay, let's pick up an recent case
One of it was a criminal act in an
International School
Can this actually be prevented with more
Comprehensive CCTV?
Can do, sir. I'm truly sorry that it happened in
that school. But if CCTV is installed complete
in sensitive areas or prone to trouble
Actually, we learn from this incident, all of
us as parents, school owners, principals, even
recently we socialised a CCTV4S (CCTV For School)
So from 21cctv has a 4S program, to educate the
school how important it is to install CCTV or
maybe upgrade their CCTV. Because what happened
to the school, now the school has upgraded their
CCTV. Especially for corridors to the toilets, etc
Okay, and maybe areas / angles that are not
monitored, is that so?
That's right, corridors to toilet, classes, angles
that were not reached
That's right
Electricity Problem, in Indonesia we often
experience blackouts. Does this cause disruption
to the technology? And also makes the system
susceptible to damage?
That's right, because this is electronic and CCTV
is similar to other electronics such as fridge
and modem, it will be harmful if there's sudden
power failure, especially frequent incidents
That's why it will be better if clients can
install electricty stabiliser,
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) or
power generator so if there's blackout, it will
not shock the electronics. But sometimes we also
recommend to clients, and we do sell it as well
tools such as Surge Protector
What is that?
It protects from lightning strike and sudden
power failure
Okay, so 21cctv is really one-stop-shopping, yeah?
That's right. Complete, sir
Okay, regarding one more, sir. TransJakarta Bus,
if we look at the inside, CCTV maybe has been
That's right
Is it different, to install in a permanent place
compared to this one that is more mobile?
That's right, CCTV itself has a lot of media
2 common ones are: one with wire, and another
one is without cable or what we call wireless
So ususally CCTV with cable installation is more
reliable, because with cables even though is not
as elegant as wireless. But still, cable can be
dependent upon for 24 hours on.
Whereas for wireless, indeed some customers want
no wire installation, but sometimes... just like
our WiFi connection, ocassionally it's can be
disconnected and we have to re-connect
But those medias are still supported by CCTV, by
21cctv as well
Wow, still supported by 21cctv, is that so?
That's right
Now, later on in the next segment we will talk
about the Expansion Plan strategy and also a
little bit of Personal Side of you, Mr. Thomas Lie
I'm sure home viewers would like to know
We'll still be back with one more
interesting segment, stay with us

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