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Welcome Back to BIZ BRIEF
I'm William Shu
Talking about CCTV System Business
My guest is Mr. Thomas Lie, as CEO of 21cctv
As we have talked about the background
We will talk about the business itself
According to you, now that you are CEO, maybe you
started as an employee working in Australia
According to you, now that you are sitting as
Top Level Management
What is the most important thing that a CEO needs
to have?
In my opinion, one word: Integrity
Hmm, Integrity... why is that sir?
Because, for me Integrity is doing things that
when people do not see you
So as an individual, when a person has integrity
to their family, staff around them...
For example, if we promote a certain product or
service... if we offer such specification
If we cannot deliver what we promise, that means
we do not have Integrity
So I think Integrity is very important, even to
the family and also for staff, our partners
So we don't only give promises
So Integrity is not just in career, right sir?
But it's also in daily lives?
Let's flashback a little, sir...
When you first joined, after you came back from
Australia, when you first started...
What is the main capital?
Of course, money...But I think ...
And we are a Team, as it's Family Business
My brothers, parents
What I learned, when we started...
other than money is needed, I believe we need
Vision, Dreams and also... Boldness to step out
To try... I think that's the most important thing
That means Courage is also important, right?
You mentioned Vision, maybe you can share what
is the vision of 21cctv, at that time and now?
Ok, the vision that we have created together
We would like to be information center for CCTV
that has The-Most-complete range and The-Best
so whoever wants to find information can go to
our website, and they can even come to
our place to ask about CCTV... thats our vision
A little bit about this industry
At that time when your father started this
Was there a research market or were there only
a few CCTV players or was it already saturated
and crowded like today?
OK, fortunately at that time when we started
about more than 10 years ago, there was not much
CCTV on the retail market
So for many people at that time, CCTV was a luxury
or expensive item because they were installed
only mostly in projects such as shopping mall,
factories or buildings so many people do not know
about CCTV, but at that time we started CCTV
available for retail humbly from a small shop
so even common people can access CCTV easily
and actually, my apology... at that time because
of the bomb incident in Kuningan, Jakarta and
Bali, that triggers kind of advertisement for us
it becomes like advertisement?
Yes, even for CCTV industry itself, because people
start to realize that CCTV is important for their
lives... because there is proof and can be used
for prevention
So the incident has turned to be an education for
society, indirectly yes?
That's right, Mr. William
Now, you mentioned that capital for CCTV industry
one of it is funding / money... does CCTV industry
need a lot of capital? (capital-intensive)
Quite a lot, because each item itself is not cheap
But because we are the most-complete so we have
ready stock so we needed a lot of capital
But for small players or startups who want to
start, actually do not have to be complete as us
the budget can be arranged
What does it mean "the budget can be arranged"?
So maybe people can start from best-selling
products, they can start from small projects
I believe home viewers think that CCTV itself is
not far away from the concept & context of
safety and security. Is there any clear study
about the benefits of CCTV, maybe disadvantage to
the act of crime?
Yes, we can find from the internet about research
and market about CCTV, and from the books around
And in my opinion, the most important benefit
of CCTV other than prevention, it can add value
for example, if we install in school or
real estate business, with 24 hours CCTV
available, it can add value to the products that
they offer. And also, it can be an authentic proof
for the authorities. And once again, people gain
peace of mind by having CCTV installed
Once again, peace of mind yeah...
Maybe the home viewers would like to know, what
the business model of 21cctv is like and what is
on offer... Is it installation only, or also maybe
accepting resellers selling to cities across
Yes, when we started in the beginning, we open
a few shops to serve retail market only, but after
years of growing, people start knowing about us
and even end-users give referral to us because
they are satisfied with 21cctv products, that's
because of our Sales Team. And from there we move
on to become Distributor because we are starting
to be given privelege to hold exclusive brand
such as Merit Lilin from Taiwan. So from there on,
we started developing our business model to start
distributing to other cities as well, not just in
Is installation is part of 21cctv as well?
What about outside Jakarta?
We also accept installation for outside Jakarta
What is the system, sir if outside Jakarta?
Of course there will be extra cost and charge?
That's right, usually the clients receive
quotation from us, and usually we send 2 of our
Teams there, the clients are the one who paid the
extra charge of travel and stay
Clients pay the expenses?
That's right, usually they see that the price
is still more competitive compared to the local
So that's one of the excellent service of 21cctv
That's very good, sir... later on, in the next
segment we will talk deeper more about the
products and also innovations of the products
We will be back soon, stay with us

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