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LILIN Secures the Factory of Siam Yamato Steel Further Protects the Assets of the Company

Location: Thailand  Category: Mineral    Background Siam Yamato Steel, the pioneer in the production of hot-rolled structural steel of the construction industry in Thailand has dominated the economy of the country. It has been more than a decade that Siam Yamato Steel has grown and developed into the largest hot-rolled structural steel producer in Thailand with a vision to be a leader in the ASEAN region. Siam Yamato Steel has 2 hot-rolled structural steel mills, operating in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate and Hemaraj Industrial Estate, Rayong province with the total production capacity of 1.1 million tons of hot-rolled steel annually. By utilizing the advanced production equipment and technology to produce hot rolled structural steel, Siam Yamato Steel almost fully replaced the importation of heavy section steel from overseas, reducing heavily in huge national currency. Nowadyas, most parts of Thailand adopt the hot-rolled structural steel from Siam Yamato Steel.