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LILIN's solution - ANPR License Plate Recognition

Industry: General Automated Number Plate Recognition, abbreviated as ANPR, is one of LILIN’s foremost software products. ANPR is a type of OCR (optical character recognition) technology, to read automatically the registration number and characters of vehicles from digital pictures. Reading the registration number means transforming the pixels of the digital image into the text of the number plate. LILIN ANPR system allows versatile & client-specific applications such as comparison of number plates with a Blacklist, Whitelist, and Exclusion List. The setup of Blacklist is to avoid unauthorized vehicles attempt accessing the premises by sending a pop-up warning window to users through LILIN ANPR solutions. Whitelist is mainly for access control. In addition to Blacklist and Whitelist, users can also set up an Exclusion List, is featuring to avoid misreading frontal vehicle brand logo as registration plates.   Watch the video. Not only users can setup various lists

LILIN Launches Push Video App LILINViewer

LILIN Launches Push Video App LILINViewer Taipei, Taiwan – LILIN, one of world’s biggest security surveillance companies, today announced the launch of Push Video app for iOS and Android platforms, called LILINViewer. LILINViewer takes a step beyond conventional CCTV systems as it provides a real-time alarm system which pushes the actual video feed of any disturbance into iPhone / Android smartphone device or iPad tablet whenever there is a suspicious motion movement. A break-through innovation in video and intrusion alarm systems, LILIN Push Video app, LILINViewer, was designed keeping in mind the safety of children as well as senior citizens. It can connect to up to 120 cameras maximum, and live viewing from 1, 4, 6, or 12 videos in real time. Capture screenshots of videos from iPhone/iPad, and digital pan-tilt-zoom is supported. LILIN speed dome can be controlled its PTZ and preset 1-4 function from LILINViewer. LILINViewer application is a powerful business inte

IP Surveillance Boosts Productivity in Factories

IP surveillance boosts productivity in factories   Background Maxport J.S.C., a rapidly growing manufacturer of products for major American brands such as NIKE, Patagonia, and Reebok, recently deployed LILIN network camera and video surveillance CMX software to create an interactive system to combine several sites based in different locations, and offer live streaming of performances to viewers. The system was implemented by system integrator, Silver Sea, one of the leading security equipment companies in Vietnam. The project: Maxport J.S.C. was looking for CCTV video management system specifications included absolute IP-based, user friendly interface makes it easy for the administrator to master system management, and expandable to meet future needs. In the 18 years since its founding in 1995, Maxport J.S.C. Company, located in Vietnam, has grown into a major manufacturer with a workforce of just under 8,000, and is trying its best in providing ideal working conditio

Dolly monitored by Surabaya Mayor through CCTV

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini said that she would continue to monitor the Dolly red-light district -- which has been closed since June -- from her office via several closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. She said that she had a television connected to 16 CCTV cameras installed throughout Dolly, allowing her to keep a close eye on the situation there. “In spite of having been closed, we still monitor Dolly [through CCTV cameras],” she said on Friday as quoted by She added that she never stopped monitoring Dolly for lingering sex work activity, adding that the CCTV had aided her efforts. The Surabaya administration, witnessed by Rismaharini, East Java Governor Soekarwo and Social Affairs Minister Salim Segaf Al Jufri, closed Dolly, previously Southeast Asia’s largest red-light district, on June 18. According to the data from the city’s social agency, at the time of closure, 1,020 sex workers and 311 pimps depended on Dolly for their livelihoods. Sex worker Doll