IP Surveillance Boosts Productivity in Factories

IP surveillance boosts productivity in factories



Maxport J.S.C., a rapidly growing manufacturer of products for major American brands such as NIKE, Patagonia, and Reebok, recently deployed LILIN network camera and video surveillance CMX software to create an interactive system to combine several sites based in different locations, and offer live streaming of performances to viewers. The system was implemented by system integrator, Silver Sea, one of the leading security equipment companies in Vietnam.

The project:
Maxport J.S.C. was looking for CCTV video management system specifications included absolute IP-based, user friendly interface makes it easy for the administrator to master system management, and expandable to meet future needs. In the 18 years since its founding in 1995, Maxport J.S.C. Company, located in Vietnam, has grown into a major manufacturer with a workforce of just under 8,000, and is trying its best in providing ideal working conditions with an emphasis on compliance. Its commitment to providing a safe environment for the workers, with the support of LILIN security solutions.

The solution:

The market in wireless technology for security is growing at a double digit rate, and LILIN is striving to create wireless technology for security system to become more cost effective and easier to users. Total of 181 pieces of LILIN LR7228EX3.6, LR6022EX3.6, and IPR320ESX3.6 IP-based cameras were installed indoors and outdoors at 5 different factories in Thai Binh Province, Hanoi, and Nam Dinh Province.

LILIN network surveillance solutions provide wireless technology to connect all installed cameras altogether for clear monitoring of factory workers’ movements, event of interest, and product line activities. LILIN solutions provide complete video security of each factory site with one integrated single view for managers/security administrators to manage by the use of LILIN CMX central management system as well as NVR404C.

Maxport J.S.C. is benefited financially and technically, and the overall safety of the factory workers has been enhanced as well. The security system powered by LILIN is highly scalable and will serve Maxport J.S.C. for many years.

Products installed:
☑   x120 LR7228EX3.6 x LR6022EX3.6 x IPR320ESX3.6 IP cameras @ Thai Binh factories
☑   x 36 IPR320ESX3.6 x LR7228EX3.6 cameras @ Hanoi factory
☑   x 25 LR7228EX3.6 x LR6022EX3.6 cameras @ Nam Dinh factory
☑   CMX software @ local and remote PC


☑ Monitor multiple factories on one central system
☑ Provide the necessary and impeccable image detail to capture production line activities
☑ Easily share incidents captured on video
☑ Ease the work loading on line managers
☑ Secure entire access points
For further information, images or to arrange a demonstration, please visit www.meritlilin.com

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