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For viewers who just join us, you are watching
BIZ BRIEF with talk on CCTV System Business
I'm William Shu and here with me is
Mr. Thomas Lie as CEO of 21cctv
Okay sir, regarding Human Resources
According to you, what is most importang thing
about Human Resources or Human Capital in
CCTV industry?
Okay sir, with one of our challenges as CCTV
players are getting crowded, we prioritise
3 things. First one, We try to improve our
Friendliness to our Customers, so first we
want to improve our system, how people can
feel comfortable getting into our shops,
answering the phones. That's most important
Second thing, when they serve customers, they
need Competence to answer customers' enquiry
and the competence itself has to be uniform
to the on the field staff such as technicians
because it's important for them to install neatly
and the third thing is Product Knowledge
So for us we do many training for our Staff
about product knowledge that grows weekly and
Is that so?
Of course this is part of technology, which
keeps evolving?
That's right
Now, regarding Investment on Human Capital or
the Training itself. How do you penetrate to
resellers outside Jakarta which of course
must not be easy to streamline the level of
competence of each of them?
That's right, so use much of the Internet, even
communicating with them via email and sometimes
we need to do conference. And last year we held
a Seminar and was also even supported by
LILIN Taiwan, they send representatives and
we gathered our distributors from across Indonesia
We held it in a hotel, we trained them the
IP Camera technology so they can understand what
is IP Camera and new technologies from us and
we hope that when they go back to their own cities
to train their own customers or resellers and
even we are open if they want to call us to hold
training in their cities
Wow, that's very good, sir
So the system is by calling them in to the Center?
That's right
How big is the interest of the people to these
I think they're very open to it, because the
technology is interesting
And via this training, gathering... Does the
turnover of IP Camera selling go up?
There's quite an increase, even though it's not
significant initially. Because from that seminar
people start becoming aware about IP. Some have
started offering it, but as I said it depends
again on the price... so eventually it also
increases the selling of Analog too
Regarding Big clients that were mentioned,
Pertamina (Oil Company), JW Marriott Hotel,
Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Bali Ngurah Rai
Airport and of course big conglomerate banks
such as BCA Bank and Mandiri Bank
Is the system ball-picking (proactively going
for projects)? Or maybe pitching, lobbying
involved? Do connections play a role?
Okay, as I told in the beginning we tend to
be more ball-waiting (waiting for customers from
the shops) rather than ball-picking
That's right
Because we depend on shops, people passing by
and people coming in. But as time developed, as
I said more partners are joining in, and also
end-users refer to us by word-of-mouth to other
people, so from there our partners start to do
go into projects (ball-picking) and we assist
them to go into the projects
That means, indirectly... word-of-mouth marketing
is the best in your opinion?
That's right, it's very important
Maybe the most efficient?
That's right
Can you share a little bit to home viewers
the installation process or even the contract
what is it like, from multiple projects done?
Starting from concept, installation, spots of
camera, what is it like?
Sure, usually many customers find information
from the Internet, then they go into our website
and some of them would like a direct quotation
and they can study it. Some would request a survey
to their location. For Jakart, we would charge
a little fee, which will be refunded if they
decide to install with us. And from the result of
the survey, we will customise a quotation
according to customers' requirement
From the quotation, they study it and negotiate
for the products that they choose the products
they need. After that, we start our installation
And after the job is complete, we keep giving
ongoing support. I'd like to emphasize this
ongoing support or this after sales service
because there maybe many CCTV sellers who sell
just cheap products from simple counters
but what differentiate us from them is that
we have good solid Sales Team, Technician Team
that supports this ongoing support, even customers
who install with us, we give them 1 year of
product warranty and beyond that up 2 years of
service warranty. So up to 1 year, we don't charge
our visitation (if problems arise)
Free of charge?
That's right
That's part of our service
That's good, means you're giving extra mile effort
What a uniqueness and competitive advantage from
That's right, Mr. Will
One more thing, a question from viewers maybe
If we want to start to install, is it better
before the building construction is done or even
after is it okay?
Both can be done, but indeed it will be better
if they know they need it, they can install it
before the building is finished because usually
customers prefer the cables are hidden so it's
more neat. So if the ceiling is not installed yet,
our technicians can insert the cables and it will
be hidden neatly. Where as for finished buildings,
what happens is that there will be drilling,
which the end result according to customers is
not as neat as without drilling.
So that means, which ever way there's no problem
Both are still okay
Only more challenge right?
That's right
Okay sir, in the next segment we will talk aboout
the market and the trend of Surveillance Camera
Industry itself
This talk will continue after the break,
stay with us

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