Part 3 of 6: Product Innovation and Technology

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Viewers, thank you for watching BIZ BRIEF,
we will continue our talk with Mr. Thomas Lie
CEO of 21cctv
However, before that we will see the following
video about the benefit of CCTV
Viewers, so that's the video clip regarding
the benefit of installing camera surveillance
and that particular video showed the theft of
motorcycle that was successfully prevented by
the local residents
Okay, Mr. Thomas Lie if we look at the video,
how interesting it showed how surveillance system
can be used to prevent the criminal act of
motorcycle theft
Let's talk about the product itself, Mr. Thomas
What are the products that have the latest
innovation and the brands, and maybe you explain
to home viewers
Fine, CCTV itself has 2 technologies
One of those that are widely available in
Indonesia is what we call Analog CCTV where the
picture is not as sharp as another technology we
call IP Camera or Network Camera
I will show you one product, this is one latest
innovation from Merit Lilin brand, Taiwan
This is one type of IP Camera where difference
in cable, Analog system is still using Coaxial or
Video cable
What about this one?
Where as this one, IP Camera is using Ethernet
or Data cable, so the image produced is already
digital, so it has intelligence built in the
camera, so it's like that
So what is the basic difference?
In simple terms, so common people can understand
easily. Analog CCTV is like VCR / VCD video,
whereas IP CCTV is like DVD, we can see big
difference in terms of video quality
That's right, you can say so
Maybe in today's term, we can call it HD (high
definition), right sir?
That's right, High Resolution
Is there any other products?
Some interesting products are, clients can choose
products that are invisible to employees
For example, this one is a Sprinkler, similar to
the one used to extinguish fire, but in this case
there's a hidden camera inside
Wow, are these products that we can call
Spy Cameras, because they are hidden...
Are there lots of demand in the market?
Oh, lots of people are looking for them...
Because often times people, they want to spy on
people around them, they don't want their staff
to know that there is camera
Don't know that there's camera around?
That's right
Wow, that's an innovation
You mentioned that there are 2 types of camera,
one is Analog and the other one is IP
Do people in Indonesia can accept the IP ones?
And what's the difference in terms of price?
What is it like?
Okay, if we talk first about overseas, because
IP Camera itself is technology from overseas
In overseas, IP Camera is everywhere
People use IP Camera with price affordable for
them, because picture resolution getting higher
now they are focusing on video intelligence
so CCTV in overseas, the use of it is not just
for security, it can count how many people
go into the shop, how many people decide to buy
so it will give marketing data
But as for Indonesia and Asia Pacific itself, the
price of IP Camera is still rather expensive
even though it's a better technology
So In Asia and Indonesia, the market of Analog
Cameras are still much in demand, because the
price of IP Camera can be about 2-3 times than
the Analog
2-3 times?
That's right
So that means after being in the surveillance
camera industry for so long, do you think the
people in Indonesia are ready for IP Camera?
If not, how many years ahead IP Camera market
will be exploding?
Okay, actually it depends back how people can
accept the education given to them
Customer behaviour is usually based only on
price and price, sometimes they don't care the
quality of a product, what they want is cheaper
price, so it depends... also the internet
technology is getting cheaper
So I think for Indonesia, both technology will
still be 50-50, because these two are still in
demand in Indonesia
They're still in demand?
That's right
For example, which industry is using IP Camera?
Okay, the result of IP Camera can recognise faces
and detail, it's usually the banks
So the banks, when people are in ATM or serving
in tellers, they want to see the amount of money
that's being deposited by clients, how much money
is stored, the notes, faces, in ATM, etc...
But for homes and small offices, usually analog
itself is sufficient for them
It's sufficient for them to use analog?
Even though the image is not as sharp as IP Camera
Okay, so the bank industry is still leading as
the application of IP Camera, is that right?
That's right, Mr. Will
One product that I think interesting is this,
Digital Concealed Pen, what is this used for, sir?
So this is what we call Spy Camera
This is in the form of Pen, we even have Car Key,
Electrical Switch, there's a camera inside which
can record video and picture
What about voice?
What I mean yes, video and voice
Video & voice?
If we talk about the purpose, what do they use it
for in Indonesia? Why is it being sold by 21cctv?
Okay, sometimes people use this for fun, but
there maybe some people use it for professional
or by businessman. For example, if they do a deal
not on paper, the transaction is based only by
conversation... this is very useful to record
such transaction dealing
Authentic Proof, once again
What is the interest of People regarding this pen
or such cameras, how is it?
There is a lot of this in the market and the
demand is high
Wow, high demand?
That's right
So for home viewers if they want to buy them,
they can contact 21cctv, right?
That's right
In the next segment, we will talk about
human resource and also human capital, sir
BIZ BRIEF will be back after this
stay where you are

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