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Hello Viewers How are you?
Thank you for watching BIZ BRIEF
Motivation, Insight and Opportunities for
business people
My name is William Shu
The development of technology makes the benefit of
CCTV not just to record incidents in one location,
but it can also be monitored from other places
Streaming programs enable people to be connected
with those they love
Before we continue to see the opportunity,
let's see the following video clip
CCTV System Business
The Business of Information Technology develops
day by day along with the progress of the age,
many products can be produced from using such
One of such product is Closed Circuit Television
or CCTV, which today has been selected by many
s one of tools to provide security
Based on report, the market of Surveillance Camera
alias CCTV experienced a 20% growth in the
year 2013
It is believed that this growth of CCTV demand is
supported by the development of real estate,
which is indeed booming in Indonesia
The application of CCTV can be clearly seen in
public, which is starting to be capable to make
use part of technology advancement, for example
on-the-road cameras to monitor traffic jams
such as, even other
public facilities such as reservoir and floodgate
had also been installed CCTV to monitor water
condition to prevent flood
With so many benefits of CCTV, one company that
successfuly seizes such opportunity is
21cctv started their business in the year 2000
and now their products have spread to cities
across Indonesia
They started to serve public via online marketing
The clients they serve are not small, because
Big names such as
BCA Bank
Mandiri Bank
Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport
Pertamina (Oil Company)
Ferari Store
JW Marriot Hotel
and other conglomerate companies
Curious with their Success Story?
Let's see the talk, only in BIZ BRIEF
And here with us in the studio, Mr. Thomas Lie
as the CEO of 21cctv
We will discuss CCTV System Business
Good day, Mr. Thomas
Good day
How are you today?
Fine, sir
Thanks for making the time to be here with us
in the middle of your busy activities
it's a pleasure
I'm sure you must be pretty busy
First of all
Before we go into complex topics or serious
discussion, let's start with something lighter
to break the ice
For viewers at home, maybe you can share a little
bit the concept of productivity and security
for you?
Okay, for me productivity means doing things
effectively and efficiently
And for security, we have people we love, house
our asset, office, that we need to protect from
people who have bad intention
So for me, security = peace of mind
When we are out for our activities, so we can
leave them safely
So the keyword is: peace of mind?
Yes, right
Maybe, home viewers are curious why you could
dive into the world of CCTV or surveillance camera
is it maybe in line with your education background?
I took my degree in Computer Science (IT) in
Curtin University, Perth, Australia
and I continued to pursue the Master Degree in
Melbourne while working as a Programmer
Then I went back to Indonesia for good
Indeed, CCTV itself develops in line with the
advancement of technology, so what I learn about
At the same time, CCTV today can be monitored from
Internet, gadgets, etc...
So what I learned, it's not too off-track from
CCTV business
After Education, with a bachelor degree of course
from one of the leading universities in Australia
and also Master Degree...
What is the most important thing you learned in
education, or maybe major concern?
For me, when I started to learn programming, I
didn't know much so I had to learn from zero
staying up late for many days to finish programs
But what I learn from education, most important
thing is Experience
Because for me, experience from successful people
they overcame mistakes that I don't have to go
through the same mistake again
So I guess experience is most important
Most expensive
Maybe question from home viewers, with Master
Degree, that can promise a good job in Australia
Why do you choose "for good" or to go back to
Indonesia? Is it because...
This is a classic story for many students who
went abroad
Actually, when my wife and me, we were happy to
live in Australia, and we planned to settle down
Everything has been arranged
But when my daughter was born, at that time
my wife was working, and I was working...
We decided to go back to Indonesia
Because for me, I like it working there
and there is good retirement plan by the goverment
but eventually for me it has become a routine
even though it appealed me in the beginning
so 9-to-5 became boring for me
And because my daughter we born, I would like
my family to know my daughter, especially
her grandfather and grandmother
Because for me, we can find another job or
But for lost time, the kid grows up
We cannot retrieve back the time
it's gone...
So in the end, we decided to go back to Indonesia
and we saw that business in Indonesia, it's such
a big opportunity
So I wanted to learn from my parents, from
successful people in Indonesia
So the major concern is actually, family?
Was the decision pressed by the desire of parents
Because of their kindness, they want you to run
the family business?
Actually, at that time my parents gave me freedom
to choose, so I could work or live in Australia
But it was my choice... To go home
So later we will go further into the business side
21cctv, we will discuss more
BIZ BRIEF will be back soon

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