Part 6 of 6: Expansion Plan of 21cctv com & Personal Side of Thomas Lie

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Viewers, thank your staying with BIZ BRIEF in
this last and interesting segment
I will continue my talk about CCTV System Business
with Mr. Thomas Lie, as CEO of 21cctv
Okay sir, we have talked about the industry,
market... now the last one about Expansion
21cctv, where are you going to expand to in
about 5 years ahead?
Okay sir, according to our Vision to be
the-most-complete and the-best in people's heart
so because technology is advancing so fast
so we want to make sure if there is latest product
in the market, 21cctv will always have complete
and even we have a complete range so customers can
choose those that suit their budget
That's right
Okay, so means there will be new product addition?
That's right, sir
If we talk about branches, now there are
3 locations
More than that, sir... maybe about 7-8
7-8 okay, Do you think you're going to expand
to outside Jakarta?
From Top-Level management, we decide we will do
more partnering with our resellers outside Jakarta
At this moment, maybe we don't have any branch
outside Jakarta but our resellers buy a lot of
products from us. So we want to expand by looking
more distributors across Indonesia so we want to
mix our business to become hybrid, so we have
retail in Jakarta and also distribution outside
Jakarta. Because coincidently, we are grateful
we have been selected by MERIT LILIN for
Exclusive Distributorship in Indonesia
In Indonesia, is that One Country One Distributor?
That's right
Wow, that's very good
So every city has an opportunity to be an
Exclusive Distributor in their own cities
Wow, that's very good, sir
Now we move on a little bit, sir, we have talked
on serious matters, now a bit lighter matters
regarding the personal side of Mr. Thomas
In your opinion, the word "SUCCESS" has different
meanings to many people. For yourself personally,
what is the meaning of the word "SUCCESS" for you?
Okay, what I've heard before that "Success is the
progressive realization of a worthwhile Dream"
And the meaning is?
It means that we have our wants in life, Success
is not a Destination. Success is a Journey. So
what we want in this life, our dreams... Success
for me is we progress. We get it from point of
life to another point of life. So for me the
right word is the word "SIGNIFICANT". Because
"SUCCESS" sounds like I or We. But to be
Significant for me, to become successful but also
help other people to become successful
Wow, in other words become a blessing to other
people, is that right?
That's right, Mr. Will
Now, one personal question, sir... maybe, if you
are not in the industry of Surveillance Camera
System or CCTV....imagine, where will you be?
My longing and my wife, Fenie, other than our
CCTV family business, is that we really want...
hmmm... because someone say that if one country
wants to prosper, it needs to have about 2-3%
of Enterpreneurs or Business People. So our
longing is that we want to develop more people,
even our friends to become Enterpreneur or to
try business, that's one of our longing / dream
What a noble longing, sir
Thank you Mr. Thomas for being in BIZ BRIEF to
share your views and vision to us and home viewers
And thank you for being with us today
may our talk can be Inspiration, Motivation,
Insight and Business Opportunity for you
We'll meet again tomorrow of course
Do business with your mind and your soul
See BIZ BRIEF in MNC Business channel, the
First Business Channel in Indonesia
I'm William Shu, see you

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