New ZG1232X IP Camera with Back Button Auto Focus Feature

New ZG1232X IP Camera with Back Button Auto Focus Feature

3MP HD Auto Focus IP Camera

LILIN, a leading manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software, announced the launch of the state-of-the-art Day & Night 3-megapixel HD Auto Focus IP camera, ZG1232X, with the Auto Focus button on the back of the camera for users to install the camera easily. The ZG1232X is a high-end 3MP network camera with day/night functions ideally suited for a range of environments such as home, retail, office, hotel, building entrances, and airports. The ZG1232X is also perfect for applications requiring accurate identification of objects and individuals. “One-button clicking” feature to automatically focus the camera from a distant location remotely, eases the process on installation, and SI integrators can save labor cost, time consumption, and effectively position the cameras at the precise focus angle effortlessly.

LILIN ZG1232X model with back-button focus feature is a best-in-class network camera designed for indoor applications. Equipped with a 3MP SONY sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 at a smooth 30FPS frame rate, the ZG1232X is an all-in-one indoor camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video up to 3-megapixel capacity. Featuring WDR enhancement allows users to identify in bright and dark environments. The ZG1232X has built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) form of amplification to produce usable images will make it the ideal choice for most demanding surveillance applications.

This next-generation box type modular design with outstanding auto focus function, ZG1232X, will deliver unprecedented flexibility to end-users with ineradicably efficiencies. Incorporating a number of advanced features standard for LILIN cameras, including alarm, tampering, motion, and face detection, Micro SD/SDHC card slot, 802af compliant PoE, and LILIN’s CMX video management software, the ZG1232X is able to meet your surveillance needs.

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