CCTV LILIN Video Monitoring for Banks

We offer a large selection of IP cameras for use with your Bank location. These cameras can monitor lobbies, teller areas, ATM areas, and entrances as well as exits.

  • The FD2452V 360o Panoramic model is ideal for wide open spaces, including bank lobbies giving you a complete coverage to effectively monitor a large space from a single camera.

  • LILIN UHG1182 4K UHD / SG1122 60fps S series / ZG1232X Auto focus 3-megapixel security cameras are great tool to monitor each transaction at process rooms or teller windows.
  •  LILIN Covert series IP camera IPC0122 provides miniature IP video surveillance to enhance Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) operations and security. It is the perfect discreet camera solution to provide well-thought-out video surveillance in ATM environments.

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