Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Polri Minta SPBU Dilengkapi Kamera Pengawas CCTV

WARTA KOTA / ANGGA BHAGYA NUGRAHAWarga antre mengisi bahan bakar minyak (BBM) di SPBU Cikini, Jakarta Pusat, seusai Presiden Joko Widodo mengumumkan kenaikan harga BBM, Senin (17/11/2014) malam.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com- Untuk meningkatkan keamanan, Kepolisian meminta setiap Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar Umum (SPBU) memasang kamera pengawas atau CCTV.
Wakil Kepala Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia, Komisaris Jenderal Badrodin Haiti, mengatakan tujuannya sebagai upaya pencegahan tindakan anarkistis termasuk membantu tugas kepolisian.
"Pencegahan sebetulnya sudah berapa kali kita lakukan imbauan. Kan bukan hanya dari polisi, pengawasan di SPBU juga ada, patroli juga ada pengawasan. Kita juga harapkan bahwa di SPBU dipasang CCTV juga. Kalau ada yang menyimpang kan ketahuan," ujar Badrodin di KPK, Jakarta, Selasa (18/11/2014).
Terkait pengamanan di SPBU, Badrodin mengatakan pihaknya telah menerjunkan personel untuk melakukan pengamanan sebelum Pemerintah mengumumkan kenaikan harga bahan bakar minyak (BBM) bersubsidi.
Badrodin melanjutkan, pasca-kenaikan harga BBM bersubsidi, kepolisian menetapkan siaga satu di seluruh negeri khususnya kota-kota besar di Indonesia. Antara lain, Jakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, dan Medan.
"Sampai dampak ini bisa mereda. Kan sudah kita tingkatkan siaga satu sejak tadi malam," tukas bekas Kapolda Jawa Timur itu. (Eri Komar Sinaga)
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Monday, November 24, 2014

CCTV Lilin Hydroelectric Power Plant Monitoring - 21cctv.com

LILIN Provides IP cameras and video management system to help the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Indonesia migrated from an analogue to an IP based video surveillance system


Hydroelectric power plant sites are usually spread across a wide area. A dependable surveillance solution is needed to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the plant. LILIN’s IP video technology provides remote monitoring for Jatiluhur hydroelectric power plant in Jakarta, Indonesia. This innovative IP video solution was designed by LILIN’s reseller partner in Indonesia – 21CCTV.
Migration from analogue to IP

Due to the limited scalability of the original analogue CCTV system, the Jatiluhur hydroelectric power plant had implemented as migration to IP based video surveillance utilizing the LILIN IPR712M and IPS8286 network cameras with corrosion resistant protection feature in providing greater resistance to hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and able to withstand the high humid and extreme climate of hydro power plant as the core of the digital solution.

Minimum bandwidth requirements

The ability to transmit high quality video images over large distances with minimum bandwidth requirements is the key to the success of this hydroelectric power plant monitoring project. The LILIN NVR controls all the plant’s IP video surveillance cameras, it is reliable and easy-to-use in the plant’s operational safety and overall security.


In order to achieve centralized monitoring management for its hydroelectric pipelines, more than 15 LILIN IPR712M IP cameras equipped with vandal-proof enclosures have been installed at the Jatiluhur hydro power plant. The cameras are all IP-based and are connected to the command center via a fiber optic LAN and wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) bridging connectors, NanoStation®M.

System Structure (site A):

Outdoor IP66 weather rated IP cameras – IPR712M ×11
Network Video Recorder (NVR) – NVR116 ×1
1080P HD video decoder – VD022 ×1
Wireless Point-to-Point bridging connector –NanoStation®M ×8

System Structure (site B):

Network Video Recorder (NVR) – NVR109 ×1
26X Day & Night WDR 650TVL Speed Dome IP Camera (Outdoor) – IPS8268 ×1
Outdoor IP66 weather rated IP cameras – IPR712M ×4

High risk areas HD cameras were required to provide video evidence when required. LILIN cameras are located in all areas of the plant – the upper river area of the reservoir, the main dam, hydraulic turbine floor, and flood gate area. The LILIN IPS8268 day & night PTZ dome camera is used for general/patrol surveillance of open areas, and the LILIN Pro series day/night IP based fixed camera, IPR712M, is used for specific objects that need constant video surveillance at the plant. LILIN IP cameras support Power over Ethernet (PoE), which greatly reduces construction costs.

LILIN video solutions provide:

☑   A high-dependability solution
☑   Autonomous management of the control system
☑   Monitor the hydro power plant from a single point
☑   IP based cameras & networking
☑   Power over Ethernet (PoE)

LILIN is a global manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, & software. Established in 1980, LILIN has quickly grown to be among the world’s leading manufacturer in the advanced IP video surveillance industry. LILIN is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of a broad range of networking surveillance solutions. The company is proud of have strong relationships with over 50 valued software and integration partners, and is recognized as the first camera company to become ONVIF-conformant. LILIN has maintained its dedication toCreativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

SUMBER : http://www.meritlilin.com/webe/html/news/show.aspx?id=3079&kid=8,17

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

LILIN's solution - Casino Security Solutions

Industry: Gaming

Casinos require absolute innovative video surveillance

Casino security surveillance system requires the ability to respond rapidly to incidents at diverse level of lighting. The gaming industry as one of the earliest adopters of video monitoring solutions, fully understood the need to guard property, people, and most importantly the integrity of its gaming operations. With several casino surveillance projects in the pipeline, LILIN is in a unique position to drive casino security technology trends.

Gaming facilities and entertainment operations definitely need surveillance tools and software that able to meet the most demanding requirements. Gaming video surveillance has to focus on the activities at the gaming tables and slot machines in order to prevent cheating and settle disputes and protect the casino from dishonest employees. The gaming floor can be difficult to secure and monitor due to the nature of the environment – fast moving chips/cards as well as flashing lights.

What Casinos Need

Gaming is primarily about surveillance, so the ability to capable of viewing real-time video and effectively trace a suspect is vital in the gaming world. Also, the surveillance applications for casinos and gaming entertainment environments need to be able to meet local, state, or national gaming regulations.

Video Solutions for Gaming & Casinos

LILIN Ultra series cameras are available now, casino operations have the option to adopt 120 fps IP-based cameras, UFG1122, and 4K Ultra High Definition cameras, UHG1182, and analytics software into their surveillance systems. LILIN advanced network cameras are able to distinguish the color of chips and record high resolution picture videos. Casinos also need panoramic 360-degree technologies, LILIN FD2452 – fisheye panoramic cameras can cover more area more efficiently with less staff.

When high rollers have arrived at the casino, License Plate Recognition technology can help to identify and flag, and Point-of-Sale analytics technology can help to monitor employees as well. With LILIN advanced network cameras to monitor tables, gamblers, and dealers could reinforce casinos’ ability to manage the business.

Unparalleled Clarity and Picture Quality

LILIN cameras with enhanced wide dynamic range for unparalleled clarity and picture quality, even in variable light conditions. Scalable CMX solutions from LILIN that can expand to include hundreds of IP cameras, and LILIN’s HD image quality allows operators to see the greatest level of detail. With advanced features, including real-time face, motion, alarm detection, LILIN systems give you critical, high-definition coverage intelligence. LILIN end-to-end surveillance solutions can provide you the security intelligence you need to protect your house and players.

LILIN is Moving Forward with Advanced Gaming Monitoring Technology

LILIN is constanly developing new products to meet the diverse requirements of the gaming industry. LILIN video management systems built for around-the-clock monitoring. Operators can easily extract minute details from footages because LILIN high definition IP cameras support absolute magnification. Such high degree of resolution is able to capture subtle movements such as hand gestures even under challenging lighting. All gaming activities are monitored at all times by LILIN solutions.
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Saturday, November 15, 2014

CCTV Seluruh Halte Busway Akan Diterapkan Tilang Elektronik

CCTV akan mengawasi pengguna jalan raya di DKI Jakarta.
Di Jakarta direncanakan POLISI akan mengurangi penjagaan di jalur busway, dan akan menggantinya dengan pengawasan CCTV.

Setiap Halte dan di Ujung Lampu Merah dipasang CCTV, sehingga bila kita masuk ke jalur busway akan didenda sebesar Rp. 500.000 (Motor) dan Rp.1.000.000 (Mobil) yg akan dikenakan pada saat kita memperpanjang STNK.
Bukti terlampir, foto Nopol Kendaraan di zoom.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

LILIN 9-Channel Mobile NVR, NVR408M

LILIN NVR408M 9-Channel Network Video Recorder

Designed for uninterrupted in-vehicle recording in full frame rate 1080P for up to 9 connected IP cameras

Mobile Network Video Recorder, NVR408M, is designed for use in moving vehicles, remote locations, or rugged environments working in harsh and demanding conditions to deliver quality video surveillance solutions. Rugged compact design with GPS navigation option available. Typical usage include trains, buses, trucks, cars, airplanes, ships, and other applications suiting law enforcement or public transport solutions. NVR408M is EN50155 certified product, which ensures the use of railway application and able to withstand severe vibration and shock.

  • Maintains superior performance even in the toughest conditions
  • GPS communications
  • EN50155 certification – withstand severe shock and vibration
  • Easy installation and rugged design
  • Outstanding recording performance
  • Suitable for public & commercial transportation applications
  • Maintains superior performance even in the toughest conditions
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LILIN Video Surveillance Plays a Vital Role in Flood Defense Plan in Venice

LILIN Video Surveillance Plays a Vital Role in Flood Defense Plan in Venice

Advanced security cameras by LILIN are working hand in hand with the well-thought-out permanent flood protection, known as MOSE project, to protect the city of Venice, Italy from flooding

Suffer from severe flooding

The city Venice, Italy, suffers flooding on a yearly basis. In 1966, nearly eighty percent of the city was flooded by high tides. Known to Venetians as the “acqua alta” or “high water,” brings high waters that spill into the walkways and streets of Venice. It happens several times a year, and unfortunately it has got worse over the past century.

MOSE project has been set in motion to save Venice from the sea

The barrier project, known formally as “Experimental Electromechanical Module” project and informally as MOSE, is designed specifically to maintain high tides of as much as 2.7m from reaching the city. There are three inlets to the 500km2 lagoon, which will be activated when tides rise higher than 110cm inside the lagoon. During flooding, for example, when the water reaches above normal levels, the locks will spring into action. MOSE is scheduled for completion in 2014, and once finished, the system will protect Venice from high water levels of up to 3m.

Video surveillance from LILIN to oversee the water level

Video surveillance in the protection system of flood disasters in Venice is an important part of disaster monitoring process plays an irreplaceable role, and real-time monitoring of video surveillance around the key areas of water is must-needed in MOSE project. LILIN CCTV video surveillance solution was selected to be part of MOSE, all due to its exceptional quality of LILIN’s mechanical housings against sea environment corrosion as well as the cameras built-in with powerful IR solutions.

Products installed

☑   57 pcs of IP-based cameras, LR7428EX3.6
☑   4 pcs of multi-touch 16-channel standalone NVR, NVR116
☑   5 pcs of 8 Port 130W Network PoE Switch, PMH-POE8130W
☑   6 pcs of vandal-resistant WDR 650TVL Speed Dome camera, SP8368P
☑   1 pc of 16-channel standalone DVR device, DVR-316
☑   1 pc of multi-function 3D keyboard controller, PIH-931

The first Gate (Lido Lagoon Inlet) is the one where LILIN solutions serve to help monitor the entire flood prone area. In this project, there are 63 units of LILIN L series IP cameras LR-7428EX3.6 and waterproof speed dome cameras SP-8368P with 256X digital zooming capacity being installed at sensitive key points to carefully watch over the water level. LILIN security cameras are suitable for application in variety of harsh environments such as tide peaks and sea environment-specific corrosion.


LILIN Italy is very proud to be part of this monumental MOSE project in providing long-term durable video surveillance to save Venice from the sea. LILIN set of monitoring equipment including IP based cameras, speed domes, standalone DVRs, and multi-touch NVRs not only to the timely monitoring of water level, while the rainfall measurement, timely data transmission to monitoring center platform. MOSE project is now well equipped for coming floods with the help of a complete video surveillance system provided by LILIN.
For further information, images or to arrange a demonstration, please visit www.meritlilin.com