LILIN Video Surveillance Plays a Vital Role in Flood Defense Plan in Venice

LILIN Video Surveillance Plays a Vital Role in Flood Defense Plan in Venice

Advanced security cameras by LILIN are working hand in hand with the well-thought-out permanent flood protection, known as MOSE project, to protect the city of Venice, Italy from flooding

Suffer from severe flooding

The city Venice, Italy, suffers flooding on a yearly basis. In 1966, nearly eighty percent of the city was flooded by high tides. Known to Venetians as the “acqua alta” or “high water,” brings high waters that spill into the walkways and streets of Venice. It happens several times a year, and unfortunately it has got worse over the past century.

MOSE project has been set in motion to save Venice from the sea

The barrier project, known formally as “Experimental Electromechanical Module” project and informally as MOSE, is designed specifically to maintain high tides of as much as 2.7m from reaching the city. There are three inlets to the 500km2 lagoon, which will be activated when tides rise higher than 110cm inside the lagoon. During flooding, for example, when the water reaches above normal levels, the locks will spring into action. MOSE is scheduled for completion in 2014, and once finished, the system will protect Venice from high water levels of up to 3m.

Video surveillance from LILIN to oversee the water level

Video surveillance in the protection system of flood disasters in Venice is an important part of disaster monitoring process plays an irreplaceable role, and real-time monitoring of video surveillance around the key areas of water is must-needed in MOSE project. LILIN CCTV video surveillance solution was selected to be part of MOSE, all due to its exceptional quality of LILIN’s mechanical housings against sea environment corrosion as well as the cameras built-in with powerful IR solutions.

Products installed

☑   57 pcs of IP-based cameras, LR7428EX3.6
☑   4 pcs of multi-touch 16-channel standalone NVR, NVR116
☑   5 pcs of 8 Port 130W Network PoE Switch, PMH-POE8130W
☑   6 pcs of vandal-resistant WDR 650TVL Speed Dome camera, SP8368P
☑   1 pc of 16-channel standalone DVR device, DVR-316
☑   1 pc of multi-function 3D keyboard controller, PIH-931

The first Gate (Lido Lagoon Inlet) is the one where LILIN solutions serve to help monitor the entire flood prone area. In this project, there are 63 units of LILIN L series IP cameras LR-7428EX3.6 and waterproof speed dome cameras SP-8368P with 256X digital zooming capacity being installed at sensitive key points to carefully watch over the water level. LILIN security cameras are suitable for application in variety of harsh environments such as tide peaks and sea environment-specific corrosion.


LILIN Italy is very proud to be part of this monumental MOSE project in providing long-term durable video surveillance to save Venice from the sea. LILIN set of monitoring equipment including IP based cameras, speed domes, standalone DVRs, and multi-touch NVRs not only to the timely monitoring of water level, while the rainfall measurement, timely data transmission to monitoring center platform. MOSE project is now well equipped for coming floods with the help of a complete video surveillance system provided by LILIN.
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