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LILIN Provides IP cameras and video management system to help the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Indonesia migrated from an analogue to an IP based video surveillance system


Hydroelectric power plant sites are usually spread across a wide area. A dependable surveillance solution is needed to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the plant. LILIN’s IP video technology provides remote monitoring for Jatiluhur hydroelectric power plant in Jakarta, Indonesia. This innovative IP video solution was designed by LILIN’s reseller partner in Indonesia – 21CCTV.
Migration from analogue to IP

Due to the limited scalability of the original analogue CCTV system, the Jatiluhur hydroelectric power plant had implemented as migration to IP based video surveillance utilizing the LILIN IPR712M and IPS8286 network cameras with corrosion resistant protection feature in providing greater resistance to hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) and able to withstand the high humid and extreme climate of hydro power plant as the core of the digital solution.

Minimum bandwidth requirements

The ability to transmit high quality video images over large distances with minimum bandwidth requirements is the key to the success of this hydroelectric power plant monitoring project. The LILIN NVR controls all the plant’s IP video surveillance cameras, it is reliable and easy-to-use in the plant’s operational safety and overall security.


In order to achieve centralized monitoring management for its hydroelectric pipelines, more than 15 LILIN IPR712M IP cameras equipped with vandal-proof enclosures have been installed at the Jatiluhur hydro power plant. The cameras are all IP-based and are connected to the command center via a fiber optic LAN and wireless Point-to-Point (PtP) bridging connectors, NanoStation®M.

System Structure (site A):

Outdoor IP66 weather rated IP cameras – IPR712M ×11
Network Video Recorder (NVR) – NVR116 ×1
1080P HD video decoder – VD022 ×1
Wireless Point-to-Point bridging connector –NanoStation®M ×8

System Structure (site B):

Network Video Recorder (NVR) – NVR109 ×1
26X Day & Night WDR 650TVL Speed Dome IP Camera (Outdoor) – IPS8268 ×1
Outdoor IP66 weather rated IP cameras – IPR712M ×4

High risk areas HD cameras were required to provide video evidence when required. LILIN cameras are located in all areas of the plant – the upper river area of the reservoir, the main dam, hydraulic turbine floor, and flood gate area. The LILIN IPS8268 day & night PTZ dome camera is used for general/patrol surveillance of open areas, and the LILIN Pro series day/night IP based fixed camera, IPR712M, is used for specific objects that need constant video surveillance at the plant. LILIN IP cameras support Power over Ethernet (PoE), which greatly reduces construction costs.

LILIN video solutions provide:

☑   A high-dependability solution
☑   Autonomous management of the control system
☑   Monitor the hydro power plant from a single point
☑   IP based cameras & networking
☑   Power over Ethernet (PoE)

LILIN is a global manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, & software. Established in 1980, LILIN has quickly grown to be among the world’s leading manufacturer in the advanced IP video surveillance industry. LILIN is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and marketing of a broad range of networking surveillance solutions. The company is proud of have strong relationships with over 50 valued software and integration partners, and is recognized as the first camera company to become ONVIF-conformant. LILIN has maintained its dedication toCreativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.


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