More CCTV on main streets

The city administration plans to require telecommunications providers wanting to lower power cellular base stations (towers) for mobile phone networks, known as microcells, to provide facilities such as CCTV and LED lamps in order to help minimize crime in the city.
Acting city secretary Wiriyatmoko said at City Hall on Monday that the city administration was in discussions with the law bureau in order to arrange the bidding process for providers that already had fiber optics and planned to construct microcell poles.
“The providers will be required to install CCTV and LEDs, and even connect the fiber optics to hospitals and public schools,” he said, adding that the concept regarding the CCTV and LED installation would be ready in one or two weeks.
Acting Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama said the project aimed to install CCTV and LEDs citywide without using the city budget.
“Besides saving our budget, the process will be faster,” he said.
Ahok said many providers had shown their interest in taking up the projects. “The installation will be fast, so we will see the poles in August at the latest,” he said.

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