Parking Facility Locks it Down with Integrated Security Management

Parking Facility Locks it Down with Integrated Security Management


Based upon the current statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers and business offices occur in the parking lot; therefore, Banqiao train station, relocated in 1999 in Banqiao (Chinese: 板橋), New Taipei City, Taiwan, recently took the necessary measure and upgraded its 3-story indoor parking facility video surveillance system to an IP based video system, consisting of LILIN network cameras, to identify license plate numbers, perform people identification, crime prevention, and event detection. Banqiao station parking structure has the capacity to park more than 1,000 vehicles, and it is definitely the top priority for the station management team to have reliable guards and video surveillance systems in place to detect intruders, observe activity, inspect vehicles, and observe illegal entry attempts, and observe unusual circumstances.

LILIN, the preferred choice selection in video surveillance

LILIN surveillance solution provides the best network security cameras and surveillance server system to secure life and property in the parking lots. LILIN solutions are able to provide security, perform territorial control, and real-time accounting of free parking places, and presence of transport vehicles. Travelers or visitors who park at Banqiao station parking complex get peace of mind they deserve through the support of LILIN surveillance solution.

Solution & Installation

What Banqiao parking facility needs is a security camera system with multiple cameras located throughout the indoor parking lot needs to be remotely monitored and recorded in the main building. Strategically installing LILIN surveillance cameras – CMG178H, IPR428ESX3, PIH-0442N4.3,PIH-0542P3.6 at blind spots, key access points, or back gates to provide the extra visual security required to deter vandalism or theft.

Results & Benefits

Entire parking site operations can be monitored and notifications sent when equipment failures occur, and labor cost is in the meantime largely saved in patrolling. Lot usage and activity can be easily ascertained by viewing both live cameras and historical archives captured on site. Video data can also be used for law enforcement, as well as enhance parking facility security on the whole.
☑  Enhance parking lot overall security
☑  Saves the labor cost in patrolling
☑  Increase operational efficiencies
☑  Video data can be used for law enforcement

Products at a glance

☑ x2 600TVL D&N WDR Camera – CMG178H
☑ x39 Day & Night 1080P HD Vari-Focal IR IP Camera – IPR428ESX3
☑ x12 18M IR Camera – PIH-0442N4.3
☑ x19 21M IR Camera – PIH-0542P3.6
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