Remote Video Surveillance for Highway Traffic Application

LILIN PTZs were chosen for National Freeway Bureau project in Taiwan

Organization: Taiwan National Freeway Bureau
Location: Expressway No.82, No.86, and No.88, Freeway No.1 and No.3
LILIN Products:IPS8368 ×120, SP8368 ×93, and IPS4208 ×61
Industry: Traffic surveillance
Application: Remote monitoring of highway traffic with LILIN PTZs


Thousands of commuters every day crowd the main highways in Taiwan making their way to their desired destinations. CCTV surveillance systems have been widely used on highway for traffic monitoring, as the cameras are able to provide the most up-to-date information for both traffic management center and the traveler. As the security becomes a high priority for the Taiwanese government, transportation authorities at National Freeway Bureau were looking for enhanced solutions to perform video surveillance.

In recent years there is a rapid increase in the demand for road and other public infrastructure in Taiwan, therefore, LILIN PTZ systems were adopted in order to monitor all the highways across the Taiwan island and maximize emergency dispatching services.


Highway management in Taiwan sought to ensure the smooth operation of main freeway routes and guarantee the safety of passengers and drivers. To remotely monitor the highway traffic and ensure the overall security, Taiwan National Freeway Bureau decided to integrate IP solutions which would collect real time traffic video and transfer the data from the highway to the traffic control center.


The freeway traffic videos are taken as input video from LILIN Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras (IPS8368, SP8368, and IPS4208) at Expressway No.82, No.86, and No.88, and Freeway No.1 and No.3, and then produces an analysis of the states and activity of the vehicles, an alarm is sent to traffic command support center if the e is any abnormal instance.

Traffic state is an important traffic flow parameter to traveler as well as traffic management center. To leverage the security camera infrastructure already in place, a mobile app of highway traffic monitoring was proposed and developed. Government based mobile app - 1968 is an intelligent incident management system application that monitors and manages traffic along expressways, freeways, and tunnels. The app provides motorists in Taiwan with real time traffic information on incidents so as to mitigate its effect, and at the same time allows quick clearance of accidents. A pleasant journey for motorists on highways in Taiwan as a result.


Taiwan national freeway services are designed for the citizens’ safety. After installing LILIN PTZ camera systems, the National Freeway Bureau has significantly improved work efficiency of traffic police. LILIN makes the video solutions in central traffic monitoring center easy-to-operate with its existing VMS software. The customer is planning to expand the same surveillance solution to the entire country.


LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with 35 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward. LILIN leverages not only hardware designs but also in IP software engineering that deliver the best available performance coupled with astonishing reliable, future-proof, and ease-to-use features. LILIN is proud to have strong relationships with over 50 valued software and integration partners, and is recognized as the first camera company to become ONVIF-conformant. LILIN is a multi-national company with headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, and subsidiary global office branches in Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, UK, and USA.

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