Video Surveillance Solution for Taiwan Freeway Traffic Applications

Video Surveillance Solution for Taiwan Freeway Traffic Applications

LILIN PTZs and NVR Were Chosen for National Freeway Bureau Project in Taiwan

Location: Taiwan
Category: Transportation Security

There are thousands of commuters going through the Taiwan National Freeway back and forth every day. The national freeway definitely has become the largest artery of Taiwan's traffic system. The statistics show that the average daily traffic flow on the national freeway is about one million or so. There should be a solid monitoring built to monitor such a huge traffic flow.

Main Mission
How to update the latest traffic on the freeway becomes one of the most important issues for the Taiwanese government. The managing team of the freeway continues to actively look for the high-quality video surveillance solutions which can be used to all kind of weather.

After rigorous testing process, up to 650 pieces LILIN’s 1080P HD Infrared PTZ Camera IPS4308/ IPS4208/ IPS8368 and Embedded Network Video Recorder System are chosen to be built at a number of key freeway sections, including the North Traffic Cross Control Section, the Middle Traffic Cross Control Section, the South Traffic Cross Control Section, Expressway No. 1 Section, South Cloud Interchange and Jioh Cheng Interchange. The managing team of Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau will be able to observe and monitor the latest traffic conditions on the freeway in an all-round aspect. The latest traffic information on the road will be transmitted to the electronic instant kanban to provide real-time and clear traffic analysis information for commuters on the freeway. Commuters can not only avoid blockage on the road but also quickly control and deal with the traffic accidents; furthermore, commuters can enjoy the much more pleasant experience on the road.

“24-hour traffic flow surveillance” is an important service for the most commuters as well as traffic management center. To remotely monitor the traffic on the highway and manage traffic flows along the highways, commuters can leverage the installed security camera and a government designed mobile app “1968”. This app 1968 can provides commuters in Taiwan with real-time traffic information. A clear and instant analyzed traffic information will be shown for the commuters including the live videos, traffic condition reports, travel planning schedule, alternative roads, and highway service stations through this mobile app “1968”. When an incident occurs, commuters can take another route to avoid the accident. At the end, commuters will be able to enjoy a pleasant journey on highways in Taiwan.

In addition to setting up a camera at the key freeway sections, managing team also sets up Intelligent Illegal Banning Interception Detection System at the exit of the Daya Interchange. Once the illegal people cross over the lane or drive through the shoulder, the instant video clip of the incident will be delivered to the central monitoring office of the Taiwan National Freeway Bureau. The managing team will be able to issue the violation tickets to those who violate the traffic law to ensure the safety of the commuters.

Installed LILIN IP Camera Surveillance Solution:
1. 36X Day & Night WDR 650TVL PTZ Camera (Outdoor) IPS8368
2. 30X Day & Night 30fps Full HD PTZ Dome IP Camera IPS4308
3. 20X Day & Night 30fps Full HD PTZ Dome IP Camera IPS4208
4. Embedded Network Video Recorder
5. Intelligent Illegal Banning Interception Detection System

LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with 35 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward. LILIN leverages not only hardware designs but also in IP software engineering that delivers the best available performance coupled with astonishing reliable, future-proof, and easy-to-use features. LILIN is proud to have strong relationships with over 50 valued software and integration partners and is recognized as the first camera company to become ONVIF-conformant. LILIN is a multi-national company with headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan, and subsidiary global office branches in Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, UK, and the USA.

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