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Jakarta to Install CCTV at Dumps in New Garbage System

A picture made available on April 30, 2013, shows Indonesian scavengers collecting recyclable plastics at Bantar Gebang garbage dump in Bekasi, West Java on March 29, 2013. (EPA Photo/Mast Irham)

 Jakarta. The city on Wednesday said it would install 210 closed-circuit television cameras at garbage dumps in a bid to better manage waste levels at sites around the capital.
“We are building a system to overcome the possibility of increasing garbage volume in Jakarta,” sanitation agency headSaptastri Ediningtyas Kusumadewi said.
Many Jakarta residents have poor access to public waste management and burn or dump their own trash. Garbage that the city does manage to collect gets held in over a thousand staging areas before trucks cart it out of the city.
These dumps tend to fill up quickly, and the new cameras would help the city decide where to send its trucks first, ensuring that fewer sites exceeded their capacities.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Part 6 of 6: Expansion Plan of 21cctv com & Personal Side of Thomas Lie

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Viewers, thank your staying with BIZ BRIEF in
this last and interesting segment
I will continue my talk about CCTV System Business
with Mr. Thomas Lie, as CEO of 21cctv
Okay sir, we have talked about the industry,
market... now the last one about Expansion
21cctv, where are you going to expand to in
about 5 years ahead?
Okay sir, according to our Vision to be
the-most-complete and the-best in people's heart
so because technology is advancing so fast
so we want to make sure if there is latest product
in the market, 21cctv will always have complete
and even we have a complete range so customers can
choose those that suit their budget
That's right
Okay, so means there will be new product addition?
That's right, sir
If we talk about branches, now there are
3 locations
More than that, sir... maybe about 7-8
7-8 okay, Do you think you're going to expand
to outside Jakarta?
From Top-Level management, we decide we will do
more partnering with our resellers outside Jakarta
At this moment, maybe we don't have any branch
outside Jakarta but our resellers buy a lot of
products from us. So we want to expand by looking
more distributors across Indonesia so we want to
mix our business to become hybrid, so we have
retail in Jakarta and also distribution outside
Jakarta. Because coincidently, we are grateful
we have been selected by MERIT LILIN for
Exclusive Distributorship in Indonesia
In Indonesia, is that One Country One Distributor?
That's right
Wow, that's very good
So every city has an opportunity to be an
Exclusive Distributor in their own cities
Wow, that's very good, sir
Now we move on a little bit, sir, we have talked
on serious matters, now a bit lighter matters
regarding the personal side of Mr. Thomas
In your opinion, the word "SUCCESS" has different
meanings to many people. For yourself personally,
what is the meaning of the word "SUCCESS" for you?
Okay, what I've heard before that "Success is the
progressive realization of a worthwhile Dream"
And the meaning is?
It means that we have our wants in life, Success
is not a Destination. Success is a Journey. So
what we want in this life, our dreams... Success
for me is we progress. We get it from point of
life to another point of life. So for me the
right word is the word "SIGNIFICANT". Because
"SUCCESS" sounds like I or We. But to be
Significant for me, to become successful but also
help other people to become successful
Wow, in other words become a blessing to other
people, is that right?
That's right, Mr. Will
Now, one personal question, sir... maybe, if you
are not in the industry of Surveillance Camera
System or CCTV....imagine, where will you be?
My longing and my wife, Fenie, other than our
CCTV family business, is that we really want...
hmmm... because someone say that if one country
wants to prosper, it needs to have about 2-3%
of Enterpreneurs or Business People. So our
longing is that we want to develop more people,
even our friends to become Enterpreneur or to
try business, that's one of our longing / dream
What a noble longing, sir
Thank you Mr. Thomas for being in BIZ BRIEF to
share your views and vision to us and home viewers
And thank you for being with us today
may our talk can be Inspiration, Motivation,
Insight and Business Opportunity for you
We'll meet again tomorrow of course
Do business with your mind and your soul
See BIZ BRIEF in MNC Business channel, the
First Business Channel in Indonesia
I'm William Shu, see you

Part 5 of 6: The Market Trend of Surveillance System Business

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We're back at BIZ BRIEF
talking about CCTV System Business
and my guest is Mr. Thomas Lie as CEO of 21cctv
I will continue
Okay sir, regarding the brand itself you mentioned
one brand, that is LILIN
Actually, where is this brand from? I believe one
question from home viewers. And also how big is
LILIN in its native country?
Sure, LILIN or MERIT LILIN which you can see from comes from Taiwan, All the chipsets
come from Sony Japan and the best thing from them
is that they produce products that are durable
so their QC or Quality Control is really great
because they do a lot of export to America,
Europe so many to overseas
In Taiwan itself, they are one of the oldest
manufacturer since 1980 they have started
CCTV production
The oldest? One of the Oldest?
Yes, one of the oldest
Are there any other brands outside LILIN?
So for customers who are not budget suited
to LILIN, we have other Taiwanese brands such as
Lynstan, we also have other Chinese products,
another brand is Solid, and many other brands
that we have
So we can cater according to customers' budget?
That's right, we are like all-in-one or
That's right, whatever suits their budget
Oh that's very good, sir
If we look at the industry itself today, you have
mentioned earlier that clonings or competitors in
CCTV industry are crowded
That's right
How do you see this and what's the plan?
Actually, in the beginning we see it like a threat
but over time, the effect to us, it turns out,
it makes us think how are we going to get better
and better. So we see that this industry for
end users eventually benefit because they get
better products and service
But in the end for us, even though there are many
players or competitors, they can act as
complements because Indonesia itself has such a
huge market, Mr. William. With such a big
population, so the cake is still Big
Sharing the cake, is that so?
That's right
Okay, let's pick up an recent case
One of it was a criminal act in an
International School
Can this actually be prevented with more
Comprehensive CCTV?
Can do, sir. I'm truly sorry that it happened in
that school. But if CCTV is installed complete
in sensitive areas or prone to trouble
Actually, we learn from this incident, all of
us as parents, school owners, principals, even
recently we socialised a CCTV4S (CCTV For School)
So from 21cctv has a 4S program, to educate the
school how important it is to install CCTV or
maybe upgrade their CCTV. Because what happened
to the school, now the school has upgraded their
CCTV. Especially for corridors to the toilets, etc
Okay, and maybe areas / angles that are not
monitored, is that so?
That's right, corridors to toilet, classes, angles
that were not reached
That's right
Electricity Problem, in Indonesia we often
experience blackouts. Does this cause disruption
to the technology? And also makes the system
susceptible to damage?
That's right, because this is electronic and CCTV
is similar to other electronics such as fridge
and modem, it will be harmful if there's sudden
power failure, especially frequent incidents
That's why it will be better if clients can
install electricty stabiliser,
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) or
power generator so if there's blackout, it will
not shock the electronics. But sometimes we also
recommend to clients, and we do sell it as well
tools such as Surge Protector
What is that?
It protects from lightning strike and sudden
power failure
Okay, so 21cctv is really one-stop-shopping, yeah?
That's right. Complete, sir
Okay, regarding one more, sir. TransJakarta Bus,
if we look at the inside, CCTV maybe has been
That's right
Is it different, to install in a permanent place
compared to this one that is more mobile?
That's right, CCTV itself has a lot of media
2 common ones are: one with wire, and another
one is without cable or what we call wireless
So ususally CCTV with cable installation is more
reliable, because with cables even though is not
as elegant as wireless. But still, cable can be
dependent upon for 24 hours on.
Whereas for wireless, indeed some customers want
no wire installation, but sometimes... just like
our WiFi connection, ocassionally it's can be
disconnected and we have to re-connect
But those medias are still supported by CCTV, by
21cctv as well
Wow, still supported by 21cctv, is that so?
That's right
Now, later on in the next segment we will talk
about the Expansion Plan strategy and also a
little bit of Personal Side of you, Mr. Thomas Lie
I'm sure home viewers would like to know
We'll still be back with one more
interesting segment, stay with us

Part 4 of 6: Human Resources, Training & Uniqueness of

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For viewers who just join us, you are watching
BIZ BRIEF with talk on CCTV System Business
I'm William Shu and here with me is
Mr. Thomas Lie as CEO of 21cctv
Okay sir, regarding Human Resources
According to you, what is most importang thing
about Human Resources or Human Capital in
CCTV industry?
Okay sir, with one of our challenges as CCTV
players are getting crowded, we prioritise
3 things. First one, We try to improve our
Friendliness to our Customers, so first we
want to improve our system, how people can
feel comfortable getting into our shops,
answering the phones. That's most important
Second thing, when they serve customers, they
need Competence to answer customers' enquiry
and the competence itself has to be uniform
to the on the field staff such as technicians
because it's important for them to install neatly
and the third thing is Product Knowledge
So for us we do many training for our Staff
about product knowledge that grows weekly and
Is that so?
Of course this is part of technology, which
keeps evolving?
That's right
Now, regarding Investment on Human Capital or
the Training itself. How do you penetrate to
resellers outside Jakarta which of course
must not be easy to streamline the level of
competence of each of them?
That's right, so use much of the Internet, even
communicating with them via email and sometimes
we need to do conference. And last year we held
a Seminar and was also even supported by
LILIN Taiwan, they send representatives and
we gathered our distributors from across Indonesia
We held it in a hotel, we trained them the
IP Camera technology so they can understand what
is IP Camera and new technologies from us and
we hope that when they go back to their own cities
to train their own customers or resellers and
even we are open if they want to call us to hold
training in their cities
Wow, that's very good, sir
So the system is by calling them in to the Center?
That's right
How big is the interest of the people to these
I think they're very open to it, because the
technology is interesting
And via this training, gathering... Does the
turnover of IP Camera selling go up?
There's quite an increase, even though it's not
significant initially. Because from that seminar
people start becoming aware about IP. Some have
started offering it, but as I said it depends
again on the price... so eventually it also
increases the selling of Analog too
Regarding Big clients that were mentioned,
Pertamina (Oil Company), JW Marriott Hotel,
Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Bali Ngurah Rai
Airport and of course big conglomerate banks
such as BCA Bank and Mandiri Bank
Is the system ball-picking (proactively going
for projects)? Or maybe pitching, lobbying
involved? Do connections play a role?
Okay, as I told in the beginning we tend to
be more ball-waiting (waiting for customers from
the shops) rather than ball-picking
That's right
Because we depend on shops, people passing by
and people coming in. But as time developed, as
I said more partners are joining in, and also
end-users refer to us by word-of-mouth to other
people, so from there our partners start to do
go into projects (ball-picking) and we assist
them to go into the projects
That means, indirectly... word-of-mouth marketing
is the best in your opinion?
That's right, it's very important
Maybe the most efficient?
That's right
Can you share a little bit to home viewers
the installation process or even the contract
what is it like, from multiple projects done?
Starting from concept, installation, spots of
camera, what is it like?
Sure, usually many customers find information
from the Internet, then they go into our website
and some of them would like a direct quotation
and they can study it. Some would request a survey
to their location. For Jakart, we would charge
a little fee, which will be refunded if they
decide to install with us. And from the result of
the survey, we will customise a quotation
according to customers' requirement
From the quotation, they study it and negotiate
for the products that they choose the products
they need. After that, we start our installation
And after the job is complete, we keep giving
ongoing support. I'd like to emphasize this
ongoing support or this after sales service
because there maybe many CCTV sellers who sell
just cheap products from simple counters
but what differentiate us from them is that
we have good solid Sales Team, Technician Team
that supports this ongoing support, even customers
who install with us, we give them 1 year of
product warranty and beyond that up 2 years of
service warranty. So up to 1 year, we don't charge
our visitation (if problems arise)
Free of charge?
That's right
That's part of our service
That's good, means you're giving extra mile effort
What a uniqueness and competitive advantage from
That's right, Mr. Will
One more thing, a question from viewers maybe
If we want to start to install, is it better
before the building construction is done or even
after is it okay?
Both can be done, but indeed it will be better
if they know they need it, they can install it
before the building is finished because usually
customers prefer the cables are hidden so it's
more neat. So if the ceiling is not installed yet,
our technicians can insert the cables and it will
be hidden neatly. Where as for finished buildings,
what happens is that there will be drilling,
which the end result according to customers is
not as neat as without drilling.
So that means, which ever way there's no problem
Both are still okay
Only more challenge right?
That's right
Okay sir, in the next segment we will talk aboout
the market and the trend of Surveillance Camera
Industry itself
This talk will continue after the break,
stay with us

Part 3 of 6: Product Innovation and Technology

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Viewers, thank you for watching BIZ BRIEF,
we will continue our talk with Mr. Thomas Lie
CEO of 21cctv
However, before that we will see the following
video about the benefit of CCTV
Viewers, so that's the video clip regarding
the benefit of installing camera surveillance
and that particular video showed the theft of
motorcycle that was successfully prevented by
the local residents
Okay, Mr. Thomas Lie if we look at the video,
how interesting it showed how surveillance system
can be used to prevent the criminal act of
motorcycle theft
Let's talk about the product itself, Mr. Thomas
What are the products that have the latest
innovation and the brands, and maybe you explain
to home viewers
Fine, CCTV itself has 2 technologies
One of those that are widely available in
Indonesia is what we call Analog CCTV where the
picture is not as sharp as another technology we
call IP Camera or Network Camera
I will show you one product, this is one latest
innovation from Merit Lilin brand, Taiwan
This is one type of IP Camera where difference
in cable, Analog system is still using Coaxial or
Video cable
What about this one?
Where as this one, IP Camera is using Ethernet
or Data cable, so the image produced is already
digital, so it has intelligence built in the
camera, so it's like that
So what is the basic difference?
In simple terms, so common people can understand
easily. Analog CCTV is like VCR / VCD video,
whereas IP CCTV is like DVD, we can see big
difference in terms of video quality
That's right, you can say so
Maybe in today's term, we can call it HD (high
definition), right sir?
That's right, High Resolution
Is there any other products?
Some interesting products are, clients can choose
products that are invisible to employees
For example, this one is a Sprinkler, similar to
the one used to extinguish fire, but in this case
there's a hidden camera inside
Wow, are these products that we can call
Spy Cameras, because they are hidden...
Are there lots of demand in the market?
Oh, lots of people are looking for them...
Because often times people, they want to spy on
people around them, they don't want their staff
to know that there is camera
Don't know that there's camera around?
That's right
Wow, that's an innovation
You mentioned that there are 2 types of camera,
one is Analog and the other one is IP
Do people in Indonesia can accept the IP ones?
And what's the difference in terms of price?
What is it like?
Okay, if we talk first about overseas, because
IP Camera itself is technology from overseas
In overseas, IP Camera is everywhere
People use IP Camera with price affordable for
them, because picture resolution getting higher
now they are focusing on video intelligence
so CCTV in overseas, the use of it is not just
for security, it can count how many people
go into the shop, how many people decide to buy
so it will give marketing data
But as for Indonesia and Asia Pacific itself, the
price of IP Camera is still rather expensive
even though it's a better technology
So In Asia and Indonesia, the market of Analog
Cameras are still much in demand, because the
price of IP Camera can be about 2-3 times than
the Analog
2-3 times?
That's right
So that means after being in the surveillance
camera industry for so long, do you think the
people in Indonesia are ready for IP Camera?
If not, how many years ahead IP Camera market
will be exploding?
Okay, actually it depends back how people can
accept the education given to them
Customer behaviour is usually based only on
price and price, sometimes they don't care the
quality of a product, what they want is cheaper
price, so it depends... also the internet
technology is getting cheaper
So I think for Indonesia, both technology will
still be 50-50, because these two are still in
demand in Indonesia
They're still in demand?
That's right
For example, which industry is using IP Camera?
Okay, the result of IP Camera can recognise faces
and detail, it's usually the banks
So the banks, when people are in ATM or serving
in tellers, they want to see the amount of money
that's being deposited by clients, how much money
is stored, the notes, faces, in ATM, etc...
But for homes and small offices, usually analog
itself is sufficient for them
It's sufficient for them to use analog?
Even though the image is not as sharp as IP Camera
Okay, so the bank industry is still leading as
the application of IP Camera, is that right?
That's right, Mr. Will
One product that I think interesting is this,
Digital Concealed Pen, what is this used for, sir?
So this is what we call Spy Camera
This is in the form of Pen, we even have Car Key,
Electrical Switch, there's a camera inside which
can record video and picture
What about voice?
What I mean yes, video and voice
Video & voice?
If we talk about the purpose, what do they use it
for in Indonesia? Why is it being sold by 21cctv?
Okay, sometimes people use this for fun, but
there maybe some people use it for professional
or by businessman. For example, if they do a deal
not on paper, the transaction is based only by
conversation... this is very useful to record
such transaction dealing
Authentic Proof, once again
What is the interest of People regarding this pen
or such cameras, how is it?
There is a lot of this in the market and the
demand is high
Wow, high demand?
That's right
So for home viewers if they want to buy them,
they can contact 21cctv, right?
That's right
In the next segment, we will talk about
human resource and also human capital, sir
BIZ BRIEF will be back after this
stay where you are

Part 2 of 6: The Business of Surveillance Camera (

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Welcome Back to BIZ BRIEF
I'm William Shu
Talking about CCTV System Business
My guest is Mr. Thomas Lie, as CEO of 21cctv
As we have talked about the background
We will talk about the business itself
According to you, now that you are CEO, maybe you
started as an employee working in Australia
According to you, now that you are sitting as
Top Level Management
What is the most important thing that a CEO needs
to have?
In my opinion, one word: Integrity
Hmm, Integrity... why is that sir?
Because, for me Integrity is doing things that
when people do not see you
So as an individual, when a person has integrity
to their family, staff around them...
For example, if we promote a certain product or
service... if we offer such specification
If we cannot deliver what we promise, that means
we do not have Integrity
So I think Integrity is very important, even to
the family and also for staff, our partners
So we don't only give promises
So Integrity is not just in career, right sir?
But it's also in daily lives?
Let's flashback a little, sir...
When you first joined, after you came back from
Australia, when you first started...
What is the main capital?
Of course, money...But I think ...
And we are a Team, as it's Family Business
My brothers, parents
What I learned, when we started...
other than money is needed, I believe we need
Vision, Dreams and also... Boldness to step out
To try... I think that's the most important thing
That means Courage is also important, right?
You mentioned Vision, maybe you can share what
is the vision of 21cctv, at that time and now?
Ok, the vision that we have created together
We would like to be information center for CCTV
that has The-Most-complete range and The-Best
so whoever wants to find information can go to
our website, and they can even come to
our place to ask about CCTV... thats our vision
A little bit about this industry
At that time when your father started this
Was there a research market or were there only
a few CCTV players or was it already saturated
and crowded like today?
OK, fortunately at that time when we started
about more than 10 years ago, there was not much
CCTV on the retail market
So for many people at that time, CCTV was a luxury
or expensive item because they were installed
only mostly in projects such as shopping mall,
factories or buildings so many people do not know
about CCTV, but at that time we started CCTV
available for retail humbly from a small shop
so even common people can access CCTV easily
and actually, my apology... at that time because
of the bomb incident in Kuningan, Jakarta and
Bali, that triggers kind of advertisement for us
it becomes like advertisement?
Yes, even for CCTV industry itself, because people
start to realize that CCTV is important for their
lives... because there is proof and can be used
for prevention
So the incident has turned to be an education for
society, indirectly yes?
That's right, Mr. William
Now, you mentioned that capital for CCTV industry
one of it is funding / money... does CCTV industry
need a lot of capital? (capital-intensive)
Quite a lot, because each item itself is not cheap
But because we are the most-complete so we have
ready stock so we needed a lot of capital
But for small players or startups who want to
start, actually do not have to be complete as us
the budget can be arranged
What does it mean "the budget can be arranged"?
So maybe people can start from best-selling
products, they can start from small projects
I believe home viewers think that CCTV itself is
not far away from the concept & context of
safety and security. Is there any clear study
about the benefits of CCTV, maybe disadvantage to
the act of crime?
Yes, we can find from the internet about research
and market about CCTV, and from the books around
And in my opinion, the most important benefit
of CCTV other than prevention, it can add value
for example, if we install in school or
real estate business, with 24 hours CCTV
available, it can add value to the products that
they offer. And also, it can be an authentic proof
for the authorities. And once again, people gain
peace of mind by having CCTV installed
Once again, peace of mind yeah...
Maybe the home viewers would like to know, what
the business model of 21cctv is like and what is
on offer... Is it installation only, or also maybe
accepting resellers selling to cities across
Yes, when we started in the beginning, we open
a few shops to serve retail market only, but after
years of growing, people start knowing about us
and even end-users give referral to us because
they are satisfied with 21cctv products, that's
because of our Sales Team. And from there we move
on to become Distributor because we are starting
to be given privelege to hold exclusive brand
such as Merit Lilin from Taiwan. So from there on,
we started developing our business model to start
distributing to other cities as well, not just in
Is installation is part of 21cctv as well?
What about outside Jakarta?
We also accept installation for outside Jakarta
What is the system, sir if outside Jakarta?
Of course there will be extra cost and charge?
That's right, usually the clients receive
quotation from us, and usually we send 2 of our
Teams there, the clients are the one who paid the
extra charge of travel and stay
Clients pay the expenses?
That's right, usually they see that the price
is still more competitive compared to the local
So that's one of the excellent service of 21cctv
That's very good, sir... later on, in the next
segment we will talk deeper more about the
products and also innovations of the products
We will be back soon, stay with us

Part 1 of 6: Background of & Thomas Lie

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Hello Viewers How are you?
Thank you for watching BIZ BRIEF
Motivation, Insight and Opportunities for
business people
My name is William Shu
The development of technology makes the benefit of
CCTV not just to record incidents in one location,
but it can also be monitored from other places
Streaming programs enable people to be connected
with those they love
Before we continue to see the opportunity,
let's see the following video clip
CCTV System Business
The Business of Information Technology develops
day by day along with the progress of the age,
many products can be produced from using such
One of such product is Closed Circuit Television
or CCTV, which today has been selected by many
s one of tools to provide security
Based on report, the market of Surveillance Camera
alias CCTV experienced a 20% growth in the
year 2013
It is believed that this growth of CCTV demand is
supported by the development of real estate,
which is indeed booming in Indonesia
The application of CCTV can be clearly seen in
public, which is starting to be capable to make
use part of technology advancement, for example
on-the-road cameras to monitor traffic jams
such as, even other
public facilities such as reservoir and floodgate
had also been installed CCTV to monitor water
condition to prevent flood
With so many benefits of CCTV, one company that
successfuly seizes such opportunity is
21cctv started their business in the year 2000
and now their products have spread to cities
across Indonesia
They started to serve public via online marketing
The clients they serve are not small, because
Big names such as
BCA Bank
Mandiri Bank
Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Airport
Pertamina (Oil Company)
Ferari Store
JW Marriot Hotel
and other conglomerate companies
Curious with their Success Story?
Let's see the talk, only in BIZ BRIEF
And here with us in the studio, Mr. Thomas Lie
as the CEO of 21cctv
We will discuss CCTV System Business
Good day, Mr. Thomas
Good day
How are you today?
Fine, sir
Thanks for making the time to be here with us
in the middle of your busy activities
it's a pleasure
I'm sure you must be pretty busy
First of all
Before we go into complex topics or serious
discussion, let's start with something lighter
to break the ice
For viewers at home, maybe you can share a little
bit the concept of productivity and security
for you?
Okay, for me productivity means doing things
effectively and efficiently
And for security, we have people we love, house
our asset, office, that we need to protect from
people who have bad intention
So for me, security = peace of mind
When we are out for our activities, so we can
leave them safely
So the keyword is: peace of mind?
Yes, right
Maybe, home viewers are curious why you could
dive into the world of CCTV or surveillance camera
is it maybe in line with your education background?
I took my degree in Computer Science (IT) in
Curtin University, Perth, Australia
and I continued to pursue the Master Degree in
Melbourne while working as a Programmer
Then I went back to Indonesia for good
Indeed, CCTV itself develops in line with the
advancement of technology, so what I learn about
At the same time, CCTV today can be monitored from
Internet, gadgets, etc...
So what I learned, it's not too off-track from
CCTV business
After Education, with a bachelor degree of course
from one of the leading universities in Australia
and also Master Degree...
What is the most important thing you learned in
education, or maybe major concern?
For me, when I started to learn programming, I
didn't know much so I had to learn from zero
staying up late for many days to finish programs
But what I learn from education, most important
thing is Experience
Because for me, experience from successful people
they overcame mistakes that I don't have to go
through the same mistake again
So I guess experience is most important
Most expensive
Maybe question from home viewers, with Master
Degree, that can promise a good job in Australia
Why do you choose "for good" or to go back to
Indonesia? Is it because...
This is a classic story for many students who
went abroad
Actually, when my wife and me, we were happy to
live in Australia, and we planned to settle down
Everything has been arranged
But when my daughter was born, at that time
my wife was working, and I was working...
We decided to go back to Indonesia
Because for me, I like it working there
and there is good retirement plan by the goverment
but eventually for me it has become a routine
even though it appealed me in the beginning
so 9-to-5 became boring for me
And because my daughter we born, I would like
my family to know my daughter, especially
her grandfather and grandmother
Because for me, we can find another job or
But for lost time, the kid grows up
We cannot retrieve back the time
it's gone...
So in the end, we decided to go back to Indonesia
and we saw that business in Indonesia, it's such
a big opportunity
So I wanted to learn from my parents, from
successful people in Indonesia
So the major concern is actually, family?
Was the decision pressed by the desire of parents
Because of their kindness, they want you to run
the family business?
Actually, at that time my parents gave me freedom
to choose, so I could work or live in Australia
But it was my choice... To go home
So later we will go further into the business side
21cctv, we will discuss more
BIZ BRIEF will be back soon